Pechina is a scrapped Serious Sam 2 location.


Pechina is a planet that was supposed to be Kronor and Sirius. Based on the models and textures for it, it would be a gigantic military base on a desert planet. It is unknown what enemies nor what the boss of this planet was supposed to be.

Pechina would be at least three levels long, as a folder with “03”, the number representing a level, can be found in Pechina's model folder.

The evidence for Pechina's existence can be found in the game's files, where there is a folder named "07_Pechina" in the "Textures/Levels" and "Models/Levels" folders.



Pechina was removed from the final game, but it's models and general look was repurposed into the first part of Kronor. Most of the models for the first part of Kronor are found in the Pechina folder, proving the link between the first part of Kronor and Pechina. The desert theme was removed, but the buildings and general military base design was turned into the first part of Kronor.

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