The Phoenix Bomber is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Phoenix Bomber is a very large bird that flies overhead and throws large fireballs at their target. They are originally Zhurong's, the god of fire, children, but were taken by Mental and bred into a very important and powerful unit in his air force.

The Bomber has only one attack: constantly throwing large and explosive fireballs to the ground.


  • Constantly moving in one direction is usually enough to avoid the Phoenix Bomber's attacks.
  • Remember that the Bomber's fireballs have a splash damage radius, meaning that the player can still be harmed if they're near where the fireballs explode.
  • The Phoenix Bomber's attacks are quite powerful, which means that player should target them first in a firefight before they too much damage.
  • It takes Bombers a few seconds to get to where the player, giving them a prime opportunity to inflict damage before the Bomber starts dropping his fireballs.
  • The XM4000 Minigun and RAPTOR Sniper Rifle are very effective against the Phoenix Bomber. Their bullets will instantly hit the Phoenix Bomber no matter how high up it is. Projectile-based weapons, like the XPML4000 Rocket Launcher, take too long for their projectiles to hit the Phoenix Bomber because of how high up it is.