Planet Kleer is a location in Serious Sam 2.


Planet Kleer is a hellish environment filled with lava rivers and lakes, skeletons (as decorations, building material for homes and as inhabitants), brimstone and sulfur. The main inhabitants of this planet is the Kleer Skeleton, the reanimated bones of the species, Kleer, that used to live on the planet. The “leader” of the Kleer during the events of Serious Sam 2 is Count Kleerofski, a large, floating Kleer wearing a tattered cape and some jewelery.

Serious Sam visits this planet during Serious Sam 2 in order to get the Medallion piece from the Kleers. In the end, he manages to kill Count Kleerofski and grab his Medallion piece.

Planet Kleer is quite close to Sirius, and was in regular contact with the Sirians while they were still alive. They were trusted enough that they were given a piece of the Medallion, but whether this is before or after the destruction of Planet Kleer is unknown.


Planet Kleer was once a happy and peaceful planet filled with plants, forests and water that was a neighbor of Sirius. The most prominent species on the planet were the Kleer, kangaroo-like creatures with a very strong cultural background. There were millions of species on the planet back then, though the Kleers were the only intelligent species.

That all changed when Mental arrived. During it's siege on Sirius, he detected Planet Kleer and all of the life on it. Even though the Kleers were no threat to him, he decided to incinerate the planet anyways, possibly for fun. One day, many computer-controlled spaceships armed with seven million tons of Napalm warped in and dropped their payload on the planet. The ensuring carnage from that much Napalm completely destroyed everything on the planet, the Kleers included. Now, Planet Kleer is little more than a husk of what it was, with lava, sulfur and brimstone replacing the vibrant plant life and water that used to be on the planet. The Kleers themselves have been revived as skeletons to serve in Mental's army, but still live on what remains of their planet.


Count Kleerofski's TowerEdit

Count Kleerofski has a large tower made out of stone near a Boneyard. At the top of this tower is a crystal that lets him regenerate his wounds. However, there are several light sources that can be used to reflect the crystal's power back at it, which will overwhelm and destroy the crystal if all of the light sources are activated.