The Plasma Cannon is an enemy in Serious Sam 2.


The Plasma Cannon is a large mechanical device with a purple half of an orb in front of it and a satellite dish on top of it. When a target reaches its range, the Plasma Cannon will look up, fire a ball of plasma, then go down and repeat the process. The plasma ball behaves much like a mortar; it will fly up, and then go down and try to strike the target. When it hits the ground, it will explode, damaging anyone near the explosion.

It is usually either placed on the ground or above the target on a nearby roof.


  • The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle works very well against the Plasma Cannon. A scoped shot or two will kill it.
  • Because they are immobile, the XPML30 Rocket Launcher works well against them. Fire a few rockets at the Plasma Cannon, and the rockets will take care of it while the player switches weapons and fights off other enemies.
  • The Plasma Cannon's attack can easily be dodged by strafing in a direction. This allows the player to avoid it's main attack and the splash damage from it exploding.
  • It is a more dangerous if the player is in a tight area, as the player has less room to avoid it's projectiles, and the lack of room makes it likley the player will be harmed by it's explosion damage.
  • It's priority of a threat when mixed with other enemies depends on the area the player is in. If in a large area, the Plasma Cannon is of a little threat to the player, as the player has more than enough room to avoid it's projectiles. However, if in a tight location, the Plasma Cannon is much more dangerous and should be targeted whenever the player gets a breather from charging enemies like the Kleer Skeleton or Football Player.

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