The Plasma Turret is a vehicle in Serious Sam 2.


The Plasma Turret is a turret with a large oval with a purple circle in the middle of it. It is made by combining Mental's Plasma Cannon with a Laser Turret's controls. This allows one to control it like it was a normal turret.

When the fire key is pressed, it will fire a medium-sized purple sphere. This sphere has perfect accuracy. When it hits something, it will explode. However, as it is a projectile, it needs a second or so, depending on the distance between the user and the target, to reach the target. It has unlimited ammo, so it can be fired as much as possible.

The Plasma Turret is usually found in areas controlled by Mental, such as his bases and Sirius. In some cases, it will respawn after it is destroyed.


  • The Plasma Turret is a great vehicle to use against stronger foes, such as the The General or the Kozak Helicopter. One shot will kill them, and the projectiles are much faster than projectiles from other weapons, such as the XPML30 Rocket Launcher.
  • The splash damage from the plasma ball's orb can damage other enemies that are near the impact site. If possible, use this to weaken enemies near the target.
  • The Plasma Turret's somewhat low rate of fire makes it dangerous to use against a large amount of enemies that are close to the player. However, since there's no penalty for being in a Plasma Turret when it explodes, there's no reason not to stay in it until the very end. It can absorb a few hits that would otherwise damage the player, and it's high power can wipe out a few more more enemies, making it easier for the player to finish off the rest of the enemies.
  • When using the Plasma Turret against enemies at a distance that are moving, try to predict where they are moving and fire at where it's expecting to move. Firing straight at the enemy while it's moving will not hit it because it takes a second or two to reach the target. By that time, the target can move away from the plasma ball.