The Porcine Berserker is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Porcine Berserker is an unusual mixture of a Roman gladiator and a boar. This mixture has made the Berserker quite aggressive and has made greatly englarged on of his arms. To take advantage of his larger than usual hand, the Berserker has been given a large broadsword that is easily capable of splitting someone in half.

The Berserker only has a melee attack.


  • The Berserker's melee attack range is much longer than normal. The player should make sure that there's always some distance between them and the Berserker, or else they might get hit by the Berserker's melee attack when they weren't expecting it.
  • The Double-Barrel Shotgun is devastating against the Berserker. One shot will kill it, and it is large enough that most pellets will connect at up to medium range.
  • Multiple Berserkers can be taken out with the Shofield Uzi Pistols, XM4000 Minigun or the Double-Barrel Shotgun. The Uzi Pistols (or Minigun, depending on if you have it or not) work best for wiping out groups at a distance, while the Double-Barrel is effective against groups at close range because of how powerful it is and its rather quick reload speed.
  • Berserkers should be one of the first enemy types targeted because of their large melee range. Forgetting about them often allows them to get in a sneak attack with their large melee range while the player isn't paying attention.

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