"Jesus Christ Sam, do you have to blow EVERYTHING up?"
―Quinn to Sam after he blew up a bridge with C-4.[src]

Quinn was an unseen member of the Earth Defense Force, who most likely served as their head of communications. She acted as Sam's guide throughout the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE. Unlike Sam, she was more patient, and convinced him to calm down and try to find the more “peaceful” way to defeat the alien menace. She is not seen in-game, and only heard through Sam's comm-link.


Serious Sam 3: BFEEdit

Throughout the game, Quinn speaks to Sam to give him hints and reminders, as well as strategies to overcome or solve puzzles, which was part of his objective to activate the Time-Lock. One instance of this was when Quinn tried to help Sam enter the Sphinx and gain access to the secret chamber that laid inside the Great Pyramid.

However, due to Sam’s cocky and somewhat arrogant attitude, he sometimes ignored her advice and decided to go ahead with blowing up the Sphinx by detonating it with C-4, and afterwards, Quinn was shocked to how he dealt with the situation, but he terminated the call, responding with “a man’s gotta know when to screen his calls.”

Despite this, it turns out that the entrance to the secret chamber was hidden in the Sphinx all along.

Serious Sam 2Edit

Quinn took the role of voiced NETRICSA from Serious Sam 2, in terms of constantly guiding Sam to defeating aliens by solving different puzzles in many levels of the game.


Quinn, like many of the other members of the Earth Defense Force, were killed in a sneak attack by Mental's forces. This was confirmed by Hellfire, who informed him that Quinn was killed, and that Charlie team, who were tasked with being sent to the Time-Lock, were either killed or went missing.

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