Reeban Tooth Fish
Fish ne
Point value



Aquatic vertebrate


Wild animal


2 ft

The Reeban Tooth Fish is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Reeban Tooth fish is an aquatic animal found on the planet Reeban. Like the Reeban Electro-Fish, they will attack anything, no matter how large it is.

The Tooth Fish can only bite their target.

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Concept art of the Reeban Tooth Fish.


  • The Shofield Desert Hawk can kill a Tooth Fish in one shot. Using any other weapon on the Tooth Fish is a waste of ammo. Even groups of Tooth Fishes can be killed with ease by using the Desert Hawk.
  • A Tooth Fish will constantly bite the player if it gets very close to them, which makes them quite annoying. If the player is suddenly taking low but constant damage while underwater, it is always a Tooth Fish nipping at them from behind.

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