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Road to Ursul is the fourth level of Serious Sam 2.


After helping out the village Chief, Sam is given a Klawdovic and sent to a road that leads to Ursul, a major city in M'digbo. However, soon after he starts his journey, he comes upon one of Mental's bases. He manages to clear out the forces outside of it, then destroys any reinforcements so that the Simbas can take control of it. After doing so, he continues his journey.

After fighting off many enemies, he finally reaches the gate to Ursul. Before he can enter, he is attacked by many enemies, including multiple Giant Spiders. However, thanks to a handy CH-181 Hover Bike left by a Simba, he manages to clear all of the enemies out and enter Ursal.


  1. At the base in the start of the level, find some crates and stack them to the left of the base's door. On the top is a Treasure Chest. Note that it's best to do this after clearing out the enemies that spawn because the physics for the boxes are pretty dodgy, making them hard to stack up, especially while under fire.
  2. As soon as you get inside the HAM-Z-rr314 Rollerball in the middle of the level, walk to the left of where you got inside the Rollerball. There appears to be a Large Health floating on a wall to the left. Get close to it, and it will transform into a Primitive.
  3. Go right of where you get inside the Rollerball. Follow the right-most wall until you find a refrigerator. Open it, and you'll find a frozen penguin.