The Rocket Launcher is a weapon in Serious Sam Advance.


The Rocket Launcher fires chemically powered rockets. The rockets themselves do a lot of damage if they hit a target, and the explosion it makes can harm any enemy near the impact site, even if the rocket hit an enemy. It has a fairly high rate of fire and it's projectiles are somewhat fast, which allows the user to quickly bombard a target with multiple rockets.

The Rocket Launcher is found in the Slave Quarters.


  • The Rocket Launcher is a great weapon against stronger enemies, such as the Cyclops or the Gunrilla. Two to three shots are needed to take out anything but a boss. This makes it very useful later in the game, where strong enemies make up most of the opposition the player faces.
  • it also works very well against groups of enemies. One rocket can harm multiple enemies thanks to it's explosion. A few rockets can completely clear out a group of enemies. The Rocket Launcher's firing speed allows the player to fire off multiple rockets quickly, which lets them clear out a group of enemies even faster than the Minigun if the enemies are right next to each other.
  • The explosion from a rocket can kill enemies even if the player doesn't see them. This is useful for killing enemies around corners or when the player's health is low and they need to avoid direct confrontations with enemies.
  • One downside with the Rocket Launcher is that, if it hits an enemy projectile, it will explode. Therefore, the player should try to time it so that a rocket is fired between an enemy's attack. This is more useful against groups of enemies because of the amount of projectiles fired by a group.
  • Don't use the Rocket Launcher if an enemy is close. A rocket's explosion will do a good amount of target to the player if they're close to a rocket explosion if the target.