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Serious Sam 3: BFE

Man, I hope you got me a good present, Stone!
— Rodriguez to Sam.

Rodriguez is a character and multiplayer model in Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Rodriguez is a member of the EDF, and part of Alpha Team; a group tasked with extracting Professor Stein and the information he had. He is upset that his team is being sent to protect a museum while Mental is destroying Earth. He's also angry that he's spending his birthday going to a museum in enemy territory, when instead he in his own words is: "Supposed to be doing blow off a stripper's ass".

On the way to the museum, the helicopter he is in is shot down, but he manages to survive the crash. Soon after the crash, Rodriquez contacts Sam while under the enemy fire and berates him for not wearing his seat belt in the helicopter, something he has apparently told Sam many times. However, the next time Sam is thought to be contacted by Rodriguez, it turns out to be Jones who tells him that Rodriquez has been hit, and is then interrupted by a Beheaded Kamikaze scream, and explosion. Like Jones and the rest of Alpha team, his mutilated body can be found at the helicopter crash site.

His ghost appears in a secret in Into the Spider's Nest.

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