"Stone, how many times do I have to tell you to wear your seatbelt?"
―Rodriguez to Sam.[src]

Rodriguez was a soldier and a member of the Earth Defense Force. He was part of Alpha team, a group that was tasked with extracting Professor Stein and the information he had.


Serious Sam 3: BFEEdit

After he and team Alpha were close to being devoured by a Sandwhale, Rodriguez became upset that his team was being sent to protect a museum while Mental was destroying the Earth. He was also angry that he had to be spending his birthday going to a museum in enemy territory, when instead he in his own words was: "supposed to be doing blow off a stripper's ass".

On the way to the museum, the helicopter he was in got shot down, but he managed to survive the crash. Soon after the crash, Rodriquez contacted Sam whilst under enemy fire, and berated him for not wearing his seatbelt, something he had apparently told Sam many times. However, the next time Sam thought to be contacted by Rodriguez, it turned out it was Jones who told him that Rodriquez was either killed or had to deal with other matters, but was then interrupted by a Beheaded Kamikaze scream, and an explosion soon followed. Like Jones and the rest of Alpha team, his mutilated body was seen at the helicopter crash site, outside of the museum.

Easter eggsEdit

His ghost appears as a secret in Into the Spider's Nest, in a "spooky hallway", where one can also find an XL2 Lasergun.

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