The Rotating Cannon is a cannon attached to a rotating wooden base. Unlike its counterpart, the Static Cannon, the Rotating Cannon can rotate 180 degrees on its base.

Overview Edit

The Rotating Cannon is a medieval cannon that has been altered and enhanced by Mental, as he was amazed with how powerful Sam's weapon was against his forces. The cannon is equipped with an auto-loading system, radar and ammunition replenisher. If it detects the player while it is spinning around, it will fire a fast cannonball at them.


The Rotating Cannon only appears in Land of the Damned and The Grand Cathedral, where they are often placed in far away places, such as on top of buildings or walls.

NETRISCA descriptionEdit

Mental was amazed with the concept of your most powerful weapon and so tried to create something similar. Mental enhanced an ordinary medieval cannon with an auto-loading system, radar and ammunition replenisher, making it a pretty effective and dangerous stand-alone defense unit. The enhanced version of this device is placed on a rotating base which enables it a full 360 degrees attack.


  • As with the Static Cannon, the RAPTOR Sniper Rifle will destroy it in one hit if it is shot while zoomed. This is the best anti-Rotating Cannon weapon, and should always be used against it whenever possible.
  • The Rotating Cannon should be a high-priority target as soon as it is spotted. Its cannonballs can easily kill the player, and their rotating makes it easier for them to detect and shoot at the player. The Rotating Cannon makes it harder to avoid other enemy projectiles, as the player needs to juggle avoiding the Rotating Cannon's “eyesight” and its projectiles.
  • Rotating Cannons usually come in pairs of three, so the player should expect to fight more when they see a cannonball whizzing past them.
  • Some Rotating Cannons are on elevated locations, such as towers, so the player always needs to keep an eye out.


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