Sand Canyon is the second level of Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter.


Sam reaches the other side of the mountain, and he must enter the Temple of Thutmose to obtain the first element. However, little does he know is that a nasty surprise awaits him.



After walking out of the starting area, a Beheaded Kamikaze will attack you. After killing him, and Sam says his one-liner, other Kamikazes (and Kleer Skeletons on higher difficulties) will attack him. After clearing them out, move to the other side of the hill. Monsters are awaiting you there. After killing them, enter the temple, or, go back to the opposite side of the hill (again), which was where you started, to kill a few more monsters, and grab a Large Health if desired.


After entering the temple, you can go straight forward and pass the door, or turn left and enter a foggy room. The foggy room hosts some Kleers inside, and some Small Health and Shells. If you pick any of them up, more Kleers will charge at you, coming from the hallway. When you pass through the door, you will find yourself near a fence, which will prevent you from passing. You will also see some Beheaded Kamikazes and Beheaded Rocketeers passing by. In the Classic versions, you can't kill them, but in the HD versions, you can shoot them from there just fine.

After they leave the hallway, the fence will go down, allowing you to pass. You have 2 options: a) go left, into some room with a statue and pickups, or b) go right, where the monsters went to. If you choose A, "hug" the wall, as a giant boulder will come down if you approach the room too closely. On higher difficulties, if you pick any of the pickups up, a Kleer will spawn near the fence, behind the wall. If you choose B, then you'll find yourself in a big room, with monsters in it. After clearing them out, some doors will open on the walls, releasing Marsh Hoppers at you.

When you kill them all, the exit door will unlock, giving you access to another room. In that room, there are a few monsters, a hallway in the right and a smaller room in front of you. Both the smaller room and the hallway have armor pickups. When you move on, you'll find yourself in another hallway, in which as you move through monsters will spawn in front of you (or behind you too on higher difficulties), such as Gnaars and Marsh Hoppers. When you're done, continue forward to the exit of the temple.


There are enemies spread out everywhere, in every corner, of this canyon. The health pickups in the first and last corners on the left side of the canyon will cause giant boulders to fall on you. When you're near the tomb in the end of the canyon, you'll encounter a Minor Bio-mechanoid and a Sirian Werebull for the first time. When every monster is dead, enter the tomb, and a cinematic will play in, showing Sam picking up the first Element.


  1. From the start, at the opposite side of the hill, on the very left corner of the other hill, the one that you cannot climb on,. In the HD versions of the game, just walk up to the very left corner, until you see a tree and the "Secret Passage" message is shown. In the classic versions though, you'll need to go to the ledge of the building you're supposed to be entering, and jump on the cliff from there. Once you're in, there's some secrets ammo, such as rockets and bullets there. If you pick up the last pickups, Beheaded Kamikazes will attack you, or Harpies on Serious Difficulty.
  2. From the start, from the opposite side of the hill, go up to the ledge of the building you're supposed to enter, walk forward a bit, turn left and touch the wall. That will open a secret room with ammo and Harpies.
  3. In the Marsh Hopper room, as you enter it, on the right wall, touch it. This will reveal an M1-A2 Thompson and some bullets.
  4. Right after the Marsh Hopper room, turn left, and walk next to the column, you'll see the floor is differently colored. That's a bounce pad. Walk on it to bounce over the columns, and grab a secret +100 armor, which is on the right column.
  5. In the smaller room after the Marsh Hopper room, there's a tiny ramp in it. Under this ramp is a secret hole with a Medium Health.
  6. Before entering the tomb in the end of the level, go to the left part, and jump rapidly on the cliff. If you do it correctly, you will be on top of the tomb, it may take a few tries though. There's a +1 health pill there, picking it up will cause a bunch of male Gnaars to spawn. Like #1, you can pretty much walk straight up to it in the HD version of the game and get on top of the tomb.

Enemy, item and weapon countEdit

EnemiesTourist and Easy singleplayer Normal singleplayerHard and Mental singleplayerSerious Difficulty singleplayerTourist co-op Easy and Normal co-opHard and Mental Co-OpSerious co-op
Beheaded Rocketeers1316231813162318
Beheaded Bombers33313331
Beheaded Kamikazes3434532734345327
Male Gnaars5711557115
Female Gnaars1610816108
Kleer Skeletons171743171743
Marsh Hoppers1936393919363939
Scythian Witch-Harpies0241902419
Sirian Werebulls11281128
Minor Biomechanoids11111111
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Health3
Small Health3
Medium Health8
Large Health1
Extra Small Armor10
Small Armor13
Medium Armor5
Large Armor3
Extra Large Armor1
Super Armor1
WeaponsAll difficulties
M1A2 Thompsons1
AmmunitionAll difficulties