Schofield .45
Colt 1




Rate of fire

Single action, manual reloading

Maximum ammunition


Ammunition type

.45 Colt

The Schofield .45 (or Shofield .45) is a weapon in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: the Second Encounter, and Serious Sam HD. It is the first firearm the player obtains in Serious Sam 1.


The Schofield .45, along with the Military Knife, are the weapons the player spawns with when they either start a new game or respawn in Deathmatch. Serious Sam calls them "Smith" and "Wesson" in Serious Sam: The First Encounter.

  • The Schofield fires one round every time the fire key is pressed. This round is perfectly accurate.
  • The Schofield is automatically reloaded after six shots are fired.
  • The Schofield is the only weapon in Serious Sam 1 that can be dual-wielded. When it is dual-wielded, it fires two shots every time the fire key is pressed and each Schofield is automatically reloaded after firing six shots. Rounds fired by dual-Schofields are perfectly accurate as well.
  • The Schofield's magazine is replenished if the player switches to another weapon.
  • If the player has dual Schofields, they can switch to a single Schofield by hitting the “2” key.

NETRICSA informationEdit

  • Weapon: Shofield .45 w/ TMAR
  • Ammo: .45 Colt
  • ROF: single action, manual reloading
  • Magazine: 6 bullets + TMAR
  • Weight: 2 lbs, 5 oz
  • Length: 12 3/4"


Replica of original 1875 Shofield cavalry model, modified for increased accuracy. A solid and reliable weapon, but normally not very efficient for combat situations due to its low rate of fire. This one is fitted with a small Techno-Magical Ammunition Replenisher (TMAR) captured from Mental's forces to provide infinite ammunition supply. Useful as a last-resort defence and for elimination of weaker enemies at long range.


  • Can be used in combination with NETRICSA's target detection system for accurate long range shooting


  • When using the Schofield, the player should remember to switch to another weapon, then quickly switch back to the Schofield right before firing six rounds; swapping from and to the Schofield is faster than the reload animation. (This does not apply to Serious Sam Fusion).
  • The Schofield makes for an excellent long-range weapon, especially in The First Encounter, which has no dedicated long-range weapon. With enough time, the Schofields can be used to kill even the most powerful enemies that are at long range.
  • The Schofield is very effective when paired with the RAPTOR Sniper Rifle. The player can whittle down a long range enemy until its health is at red, then finish off the enemy with the Schofield. This lets the player preserve RAPTOR ammunition.




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