The Schofield .45 (or Shofield .45) is a revolver that appears in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: the Second Encounter, and Serious Sam HD. It is the first firearm the player acquires in said games.


The Schofield .45 is a replica of the Smith & Wesson Model 3, which was a revolver produced by Smith and Wesson, produced from 1870-1915.

The Schofield .45, along with the Military Knife, are the weapons the player spawns with when they either start a new game or respawn in Deathmatch. Serious Sam calls them "Smith" and "Wesson" in Serious Sam: The First Encounter.

  • The Schofield fires one round every time the fire key is pressed. This round is perfectly accurate.
  • The Schofield is automatically reloaded after six shots are fired.
  • The Schofield is the only weapon in Serious Sam 1 that can be dual-wielded. When it is dual-wielded, it fires two shots every time the fire key is pressed and each Schofield is automatically reloaded after firing six shots. Rounds fired by dual-Schofields are perfectly accurate as well.
  • The Schofield's magazine is replenished if the player switches to another weapon. (Does not apply to Serious Sam Fusion)
  • If the player has dual Schofields, they can switch to a single Schofield by hitting the “2” key.

NETRICSA informationEdit

  • Weapon: Shofield .45 w/ TMAR
  • Ammo: .45 Colt
  • ROF: single action, manual reloading
  • Magazine: 6 bullets + TMAR
  • Weight: 2 lbs, 5 oz
  • Length: 12 3/4"


Replica of original 1875 Shofield cavalry model, modified for increased accuracy. A solid and reliable weapon, but normally not very efficient for combat situations due to its low rate of fire. This one is fitted with a small Techno-Magical Ammunition Replenisher (TMAR) captured from Mental's forces to provide infinite ammunition supply. Useful as a last-resort defence and for elimination of weaker enemies at long range.


  • Can be used in combination with NETRICSA's target detection system for accurate long range shooting


  • When using the Schofield, the player should remember to switch to another weapon, then quickly switch back to the Schofield right before firing six rounds; swapping from and to the Schofield is faster than the reload animation. (This does not apply in Serious Sam Fusion).
  • The Schofield makes for an excellent long-range weapon, especially in The First Encounter, which has no dedicated long-range weapon. With enough time, the Schofields can be used to kill even the most powerful enemies that are at long range, though this can be rather time-consuming, depending on how much health the enemy has.
  • The Schofield is very effective when paired with the RAPTOR Sniper Rifle. The player can whittle down a long range enemy until its health is at red, then finish off the enemy with the Schofield. This lets the player preserve RAPTOR ammunition.



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