"Awwww, momma's little man's all grown up."
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Raahloom the Imposing Prototype is a much larger version of the Scrapjack with greyish skin. He holds a large hammer, while his left arm has an SBC Cannon on it. His high amount of health makes it very difficult to kill him. He serves as the first and only boss in Jewel of the Nile.

Overview Edit

According to his NETRISCA description, Raahloom was involved with Mental's 'Necromechanoid Project', and was the first great prototype of said project. Like the Scrapjack, he was made from sewn-together parts, but instead from very large creatures, such as the Highlander Aludran Reptiloid. Using the bulk from these corpses, this makes him incredibly resilient to most weaponry, except for high explosives, such as C-4 charges.

NETRISCA description Edit

"Raahloom was the first great prototype of Mental's Necromechanoid Project. He was created from sewn-together parts of massive beasts, for example, Highlander Reptiloids. Inheriting the resilience of these corpses, Raahloom is incredibly tough and most standard weapons can barely make a scratch on his body, save for high explosives. One arm of Raahloom is a huge SBC Cannon, one of the original ones, now rarely used by Mental's forces. Even a single cannonball can tear a human to pieces. Raahloom also carries an enormous warhammer, which he can be use to pulverize any unlucky creature - friend or foe - that gets too close."

Attacks and statsEdit

Raahloom is equipped with two weapons; he wields a massive warhammer in his left hand, and an abnormally large SBC Cannon in the other. When a target is away from him, will fire a volley of five or so cannonballs at the player with his cannon. These cannonballs are powerful enough that can kill someone with 100 armor and health in one hit.

If the target he's focusing on is near him, he'll raise his warhammer. While his warhammer is in the air, he'll begin charging it up. As soon as it's done charging, it'll flash and a “swish” sound will be heard. A few seconds later, he'll smash the ground with his hammer, which will release a very powerful shockwave that can do a good amount of damage even if someone is at the edge of the shockwave's reach. Anyone close to the site of impact, friend or foe, will take a huge amount of damage, if not be killed in one shot.


  • Raahloom has a ton of health, so it's best to use almost everything on him as soon as possible. Every little bit helps.
  • The key to defeating this monster is to toss a large amount of C-4 Demolition Charges near him, then blow them up. Five or more C-4 charges blown up near him at once can do a good amount of damage to him. There are several C-4 ammo crates scattered throughout the arena, so getting more ammo is easy.
  • In order to make a large pile of C-4 charges, the player needs to get close to him. However, this is dangerous, as it triggers his melee attack. To get around this, run up and get close to him (but not next to him) and start tossing C-4 charges until you hear a “swish” sound. That means the monster's hammer is done charging up and he's ready to strike with his hammer. At this point, get away from him quickly. By the time he strikes, you will be far enough from him to take no damage.
  • Raahloom's cannonballs can be dodged by simply strafing in a certain direction.
  • Cover is useless in this fight, as the boss' cannonballs will destroy any building or column in the arena.
  • It's a good idea to keep some ammo for the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle or XL2 Lasergun while fighting Raahloom, as Beheaded Kamikazes and Kleer Skeletons will appear in the early part of the battle. The assault rifle can quickly take them out.
  • Get just out of range so that he starts to target you with cannonballs. Run towards him while strafing to the side, and he won't be able to hit you with any of them. While he's doing this, Raahloom won't be able to initiate his warhammer attack, giving you ample time to run in close. Once you are close enough to him while wielding C-4, you will see a large C-4 target appear on his belly. Throw a stick of C-4 at the target. His cannonball volley will end, and he will start his hammer attack. Run away and detonate the C-4 charge, and Scrapjack Boss will take a considerable amount of damage. Continue doing this and you should be able to defeat him with little trouble.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • A prototype version of Raahloom's warhammer attack animation was added to the normal Scrapjack's animation file a few months before Jewel of the Nile was released.


  • In Serious Sam 3: BFE, Raahloom does not have a NETRICSA description. This has been fixed in the Serious Sam Fusion 2017 version.
  • Raahloom has five times more health than Ugh-Zan IV does.


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