Serious Bomb

Instant death to all non-boss enemies in range

Maximum Ammunition held

3 (SS1 and SS2), 6 (Tourist Difficulty in SSHD)

The Serious Bomb is a weapon in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam HD, and Serious Sam 2. It also happens to be the main logo when referring to the Serious Sam series, appearing most famously on Sam Stone's shirt in virtually all of his game appearances.


The Serious Bomb will take a a few seconds to warm up, and then it will explode, killing every enemy within a 750 metre (in-game) radius of the player. The Serious Bomb does not harm bosses.

How the player uses it depends on the game; in The Second Encounter, the player simply needs to hit the “0” key to start the timer. In the Xbox version of Serious Sam 1, Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam HD, the player must take out the Serious Bomb, then hit the fire key in order to start the countdown.

NETRICSA informationEdit

  • Weapon: Serious Bomb
  • Range: 700 ft
  • Effect: instant death to all creatures in range


Serious Bomb - Miniature Big Bang, Atomic Firecracker, Instant Death With A Smile. Any way you look at it, this baby will rock your world. Just press that trigger and watch your enemies disintegrate in a blinding explosion, while you wait in the safety of the Life-Preserving-Quantum-Field(TM).

Due to their size, you'll never be able to carry more than three of them.


  • These toys are VERY scarce, so think well before you activate them.


  • Ideally, the Serious Bomb should only be used if the player is being absolutely overwhelmed by enemies and has too little health/ammo to counter them without reloading saves many times. However, experienced players may use it to quickly kill any group of enemies even when not really necessary, if their Serious Bomb capacity is full and they know there's another Serious Bomb coming up soon - letting it just go would be a big loss because of how rare they are.
  • The Serious Bomb is also useful against hordes of large enemies, such as Large Spiders. This makes hordes of strong enemies extremely easy to deal with, which is very useful no matter how much health/armor/ammo the player has.
  • In the Xbox/SS2 version of the Serious Bomb, the player should make sure they're in a somewhat safe position before they take out the Serious Bomb, as they'll be vulnerable for several seconds while the bomb's countdown animation is active.
  • In tremendously wide areas, the Serious Bomb may actually not be able to kill every single enemy in the area. One example is The Pit boss fight against Kukulkan, where depending on the player's position, the Fiendian Reptiloid Demons perched atop corners of the surrounding walls may not be killed by the bomb if they're too far away.


Serious Sam 1Edit

Serious Sam 2Edit

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