The Serious Editor is a series of programs developed by Croteam for creating and modifying content for the various versions of the Serious Engine.


The Serious Editor are tools used by Croteam for editing and creating content in the various Serious Engine versions. Some of the features seen in various versions of the Serious Editor include a level editor, importing and exporting textures, and importing models to be used in various Serious Engine games.

Originally, the primary tool in the Serious Editor is a level editor that lets people create new ones and edit existing ones. However, other tools have been added for creating, editing and importing content, giving the user more control over creating and editing content.

All major versions of the Serious Editor have been made available to the public in one way or another. Some have been included with the game (Serious Editor 1, the Serious Sam 3: BFE version of Serious Editor 3) or added later on (like Serious Editor 2).


Serious Editor 1Edit

Main article: Serious Editor 1

Serious Editor 1 is the first version of Serious Editor and is used for editing Serious Engine 1 content. This version. In addition, there are some editing programs that run on different .exes, like a program that lets one import models from tools like 3DSMax to the format Serious Engine 1 uses for models.

Serious Editor 2Edit

Main article: Serious Editor 2

Serious Editor 2 is the second version of the Serious Editor and is used for editing content in Serious Engine 2. Compared to Serious Editor 1, every tool is now in one .exe, several more tools have been added, such as a tool that lets one create gibs from a model, and existing tools (like the level editor) have a completely different GUI.

Serious Editor 3Edit

Main article: Serious Editor 3

Serious Editor is the third and current version of the Serious Editor. It is used to edit content in both Serious Engine 3 and Serious Engine 3.5. This editor is very similar to Serious Editor 2, but has some minor improvements, such as a more user-friendly level editor.

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