The Serious Engine is a video game engine that powers most of the games in the Serious Sam series.


The Serious Engine is an engine developed by Croteam. It's primary strength is that it can handle many enemies on screen while rendering modern (for the time period it was developed for) effects such as large textures and dynamic lighting. Thanks to some good programming, it manages to reach these goals while making only some small sacrifices to visual quality.

One of the original goals was to create an engine that could be licensed out to other developers instead of them having to make their own engine, but this seems to have been dropped by the time Serious Engine 3 was developed, most likely because of a lack of interest. However, some third party did use Serious Engine 1 for their games.

Development HistoryEdit

The Serious Engine originally started out as the S-Cape 3D engine. It was originally created because Croteam wanted to make their own first person shooter, but didn't have the money to license an engine for iD Software at the time. Instead, they decided to make their own engine from scratch. It was supposed to be used for In The Flesh, an early version of Serious Sam: The First Encounter. It's likely that, when In the Flesh's name was changed to Serious Sam, they decided to change the engine's name to match the game's.


Serious Engine 1Edit

Main article: Serious Engine 1

Serious Engine 1 is the first version of the Serious Engine, and was used to power Serious Sam 1.

Serious Engine 2Edit

Main article: Serious Engine 2

Serious Engine 2 is a heavily reworked Serious Engine 1 . Some of the big features for it include native support for the Xbox, code for Vehicles, ragdolls, more accurate physics, and support for bloom lighting. This version was used for Serious Sam 2.

Serious Engine 3Edit

Main article: Serious Engine 3

Serious Engine 3 is more of a large improvement to Serious Engine 2 than a complete rewrite. Improvements include more post-processing effects, support for more polygons on the screen at once, and proper support for HDR lighting. This version was used for Serious Sam HD.

Serious Engine 3.5Edit

Main article: Serious Engine 3.5

Serious Engine 3.5 is an improved version of Serious Engine 3. The polygon count has been raised, post processing effects have been improved, and lip sync has been added for cut scenes. This engine was used for Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Serious Engine 4Edit

Serious Engine 4 was used for the Talos Principle.

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