Serious Engine 3 is a version of the Serious Engine created by Croteam.


Serious Engine 3 is the next version of the Serious Engine. It is less of a dramatic upgrade than the changes from Serious Engine 1 to Serious Engine 2 were, but there are still some noticeable improvements, such as better lighting. For modders, a new scripting language has been added for them to learn.

Unlike previous Serious Engine versions, it seems that Serious Engine 3 cannot be licensed. This might be because of a lack of interest thanks to Epic Games cornering the engine licensing business.

Serious Engine 3 uses Serious Editor 3 as its editor. Serious Editor 3 is much less of a dramatic change when compared to the difference between Serious Editor 1 and Serious Editor 2. In fact, it's layout is pretty much the same as Serious Editor 2's.

Development HistoryEdit

Serious Engine 3 was first shown off in a Croatian video game magazine in 2006. The magazine showed off the screenshots of Croteam's canceled Unnamed Military Shooter, a picture showing an early Canned Cain and Khnum and a screenshot showing an Albino Cyclops and a few Zombie Soldiers attack Serious Sam in a ruined middle eastern town. This was a mockup for what Serious Sam 3: BFE would look like.


  • Proper HDR support.
  • Better lighting, which allows for more realistic lights in levels.
  • Increased polygon count limit for models, which allows for even more detailed and complex models than what's been allowed before.
  • A new scripting language, LUA, has been added to replace Serious Engine 2's Macro. This was most likely because it's more flexible or because it's easier to learn and/or use.
  • Better shadows, to go along with the improved lighting.
  • Greatly improved weather effects.
  • Water surface physics for more realistic object interaction with water.
  • Bump mapping for more detailed texture surfaces.
  • Improved netcode for smoother online play that also takes advantage of modern internet connections like broadband.

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