Serious Sam: Double D is a game in the Serious Sam series and a part of the Serious Sam Indie Series. It was developed by Mommy's Best Games and published by Devolver Digital.


Serious Sam: Double D is a 2D side-scroller based on the Serious Sam games. It features the same gameplay in the 3D games; the player must reach the end of a level while fighting off hordes of enemies. Ammo, armor and health items are scattered throughout the level in order to give the player a boost when they need it. However, there is no point system, so the player kills enemies just for survival's sake or because they like it.

The game is divided into three chapters, with a boss at the end of each one. There are also a boss or two in the middle of the second chapter in order to keep the player on their toes.

Secrets are in this game as well, but often have important items for the player, such as extra weapons. This makes exploring levels important, as secrets will give the player extra firepower they'll need.

The biggest feature of the game is the Gunstack system. This system lets the player stack any gun on top of each other, with up to six guns on each gunstack. By stacking certain weapons, the player can create powerful combinations, such as a set featuring Rocket Launchers and Grrenade Launchers for defeating enemies with a lot of health, or add a Chainsaw near the bottom of a stack in order to deal with enemies that get too close to the player. However, the player needs to collect weapons and Gunstack Connectors in order to get more weapons and connectors in order to attach more weapons.

There is also another item called the Jump Pad. This item lets the player reach higher areas than they could by jumping normally. They can also be placed on the sides of walls in order to “wall jump” to secret areas. It is often used to find secret areas.

Another new feature is that enemy bodies can be walked on after being killed. This lets the player do things such as escape pits from the sheer amount of enemies that have been killed, use an large enemy's body as a way to reach a platform they otherwise couldn't reach, or even use dead bodies as a bridge over deadly spikes.

The last new feature is the Golden Gun system. When the final boss is defeated, the player will be given a “golden” version of the weapon they did the most damage with in the game. A golden version of a gun doubles it's size and amount of damage it does per shot and gives it unlimited ammo. After the first golden gun is unlocked, the player is able to unlock golden versions of every other gun by doing a certain amount of damage with them.

Game developmentEdit

Devolver Digital originally contacted Mommy's Best Games in order to create a game for their Serious Sam Indie Series in order to promote Serious Sam 3: BFE because of their work on Weapons of Destruction. After some brainstorming, Mommy's Best Games came up with the gunstack concept and submitted it to Croteam to see if it would fit the Serious Sam series. They loved it and gave the approval to start working on what would become Double D.

A teaser for Serious Sam: Double D was posted on Mommy's Best Game's was released on their Facebook page in the middle of February. Soon after, the Serious Sam Indie Series was announced by Devolver Digital.

Game modesEdit

Serious Sam: Double D can only be played in single player. However, the player can go through either a single player campaign or try several challenges, where the goal is to do things such as kill enough enemies or survive for a certain amount of time. The player's highest score is saved. Weapons from the challenges are pre-set, but the damage from them counts towards the damage needed to unlock the Golden version of a gun.


Serious Sam: Double D starts out with Serious Sam being teleported back to Ancient Egypt. Apparently, Sam has been sent back to Ancient Egypt in order to investigate a strange beacon that has been discovered. However, Sam soon stumbles on Mental's forces, which makes NETRICSA a bit suspicious, as she believes that Sam has defeated Mental. It turns out later that it was actually a farce; Sam took a vacation and shut down NETRICSA during it, then reactivated her when he was done, saying he had killed Mental. Sam then travels through a pyramid and finds the Jump Pad in it. After clearing out the pyramid of monsters, Sam exits the pyramid from the opposite side he came from. Soon after, Sam is attacked by the Chimputee Battle Master. Despite the gorilla's huge size, Sam manages to kill it. After it has been defeated, a strange green crystal appears from it's body. Sam and NETRICSA determine that the crystal is actually the beacon they were sent to investigate. Since it came from one of Mental's forces, Sam decided to destroy it.

After destroying the beacon, Sam is teleported to Nova Scotia, Canada, during the time dinosaurs existed on Earth. Mental's forces are in this time period as well, showing that his scheme wasn't stopped by destroying the crystal beacon in Ancient Egypt. After traveling through and fighting them, Sam encounters the Female Bio-mechanoid. After defeating it, another crystal beacon appears. However, after destroying it, Sam was not teleported. This was a bit suspicious, so he continued to travel through Nova Scotia to see what was going on.

Soon after defeating the Female Bio-mechanoid, Sam sees that Mental's schemes in the Jurassic era are not done, as he manages to teleport some dinosaurs away, then make them reappear a few seconds later, with cybernetic modifications on them. Sam defeats them while continuing his travels, but then discovers that there is a set of huge hamster plastic tunnels scattered throughout the area. Sam travels through these tunnels and eventually runs into Mental's Pet Hamster. This creature attacks Sam, so he kills it. When it's dead, another crystal beacon appears. Sam destroys it, as usual.

With the destruction of the third beacon, Serious Sam is teleported to Pompeii, Rome, a few minutes before the volcano erupts. As with Nova Scotia, Mental's forces are here, showing he is planning something in the region. Sam manages to fight through some of Mental's forces, but then the volcano starts erupting. Sam is able to weather the initial fireballs thanks to some Giant Fleas, but instead decides to seek shelter in the most logical location; the volcano itself. He somehow manages to survive entering it, but notices something suspicious about it; the inner part of the volcano has a lot of scaffolding in it and a large machine in the center of it. After some discussion, NETRISCA and Sam come to the conclusion that Mental is using the active volcano as a power source for some evil scheme. Sam decides to tear through the forces in the volcano and escape through the other side.

After escaping the volcano, Sam manages to enter another part of Pompeii which has not been hit by the volcano yet. When he reaches the surface again, General Maxilla, the leader of Mental's forces, taunts him over a loudspeaker, then reveals that he wants Sam dead quickly so that he can watch a rerun of a TV show he really likes. He ends his threat telling Sam that he will fight him one-on-one if Sam gets to him. When he's done, Sam travels through Pompeii, but discovers that the way to General Maxilla is filled with powerful monsters such as Caterfighters. Sam slaughters every creature that Maxilla has placed in his way and goes to fight General Maxilla.

Sam finally reaches General Maxilla, who keeps his promise to fight Sam. However, he is completely pathetic in battle, and is quickly killed before he can attack Sam. In his dying breath, he summons Double Diva in order to kill Sam. Despite Double Diva's size, Sam kills her. When she dies, the final crystal beacon appears. After destroying it, the game ends, as Sam has managed to defeat Mental's forces again and stop whatever scheme he was planning with the crystal beacons.



The list below coveres the weapons in Serious Sam DD, and the additional upgrades available in the 2013 XXL upgrade.





Behind the scenesEdit

  • Some music from Mommy's Best Game's previous games can be found in the game's files. These are most likely leftovers.