Serious Sam (Palm OS) is a Serious Sam game for the Palm OS. It was released in early December and was published by Global Star Software.


The Palm OS version appears to be a greatly-scaled down version of Serious Sam: The First Encounter, at least technology-wise. Level architecture seems to be close to Wolfenstein 3D's', as there are no horizontal parts of levels and the levels themselves appear to be very blocky. Several enemies and weapons from TFE appear in the game. As with TFE, the player could obtain score by killing enemies, and there appears that one's high score appears on the center-top of the screen, in order to give them a goal to suppress.

The graphics are very primitive compared to TFE. Enemies, items and weapons appear to be sprites instead of models, there are no special effects, and levels appear to be build out of just cubes. This is understandable, as the Palm OS version made in 2001 is significantly weaker than the average PC would be in 2001.

It can be played in both color and monochrome mode, depending on one's Palm OS settings.



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In November 2001, Global Star Software announced the completion of a Palm OS version of The First Encounter , to be released in early December. It is apparently also Windows compatible. It was said to be fake, however proven real when the actual Serious Sam website published it under the "more seriousness " section of the site.


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