Serious Sam 4 is an upcoming game in the Serious Sam series. No release date has been decided yet, as of Saturday, March 17, 2018.


It was announced on June 2014 that Croteam was working on Serious Sam 4. To help fund development, Croteam released the Serious Sam Humble Bundle, from which all revenue will go towards game development.

On September 25, 2015, Croteam announced that Jonas and Verena Kyratzes will be writing the story for Serious Sam 4. Later, Jonas Kyratzes wrote on Facebook the following statement in response to a timeline question: "OK, I can officially tell you that Sam 4 is set on Earth, and given what happened to Earth at the end of Sam 3...." indicating that Serious Sam 4 is going to take place before Serious Sam 3: BFE, during the war. This statement was later confirmed by Croteam on December 25th, indicating Serious Sam 4 is a prequel to Serious Sam 3.


The game will take place in several locations. So far the only confirmed locations are France and Italy. Other locations are still unknown.[1][2]


The confirmed[3] weapons so far are:

  • Double shotgun
  • Minigun
  • Rocket launcher
  • SBC Cannon

It is still unknown exactly how many weapons there will be. Some classic weapons will likely return, but probably not all of them. Weapons from Serious Sam 3 will most likely return as well.

Other gameplay featuresEdit

Sprinting, iron sights and reloading from Serious Sam 3 will return most likely. Sprinting will be integral part of the gameplay of all future installments, including Serious Sam 4.

It is still unknown if the game will offer brand new features or power ups.


It is known so far that Serious Sam 4 will include old faces, but not all classic ones. It has not yet been confirmed if the game will offer new variations of classic enemies. Some enemies from Serious Sam 3 will likely make a return.


Serious Sam 4 will include all gamemodes presented in Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 3. It is not yet decided if there will be new ones. It is possible to include gamemodes, debuted in Serious Sam Revolution, like the Control Zones mode.

Confirmed maps for the Serious Sam 4's versus are Desert Temple, Brkeen Chevap and Little Trouble. It is possible for few more old maps to be remade, also there will be and new ones. Desert Temple will have and CTF version.



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