Serious Sam Advance is a game in the Serious Sam series. It is the only Serious Sam game on the Game Boy Advance. This is the only Serious Sam game in which the Kleer Skeleton and Gnaar are not present.


Serious Sam Advance is a first person shooter that takes place in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. It plays much like other games in the Serious Sam series, in that the player needs to kill a large amount of enemies in order to reach the exit of a level, which is represented by an ankh. Points are rewarded for killing enemies as usual, but there's also a bonus for the amount of ammo the player has left and if the player managed to get under the par time. There are no checkpoints in levels, so if the player dies, they are sent back to the very start of the level. In addition, the player has a limited amount of lives, and the player cannot gain extra lives, like in Serious Sam II. At the end of each time era, the player must defeat a boss. When the boss is defeated, the player will either be warped to the next time period or complete the game, depending on the boss.

Unlike other games, the player cannot save their game. Instead, the player uses passwords given at the start of a level, which save the weapons, stats and level the player is in. If the player turns off the system and wants to continue playing later, they need to input the password given in the last level they were in to continue their progress.

Graphics are much lower quality than the other games, but this is because of the hardware it's on. Some of the graphics are either taken directly from or modified from other Serious Sam games, like Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.

Game ModesEdit

Serious Sam Advance only has two game modes; single player and death-match. Death-match is played by linking up to four units via a link cable.


After the events of Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Sam warps back to Earth. A while later, Earth's scientists figure out how to manipulate the Time-Lock so that it can be used to warp any time period. Earth uses it to both check out other time periods and to ensure that Mental will not try to warp them in order to change the course of history. Everything seems normal until three agents don't return from an expedition. Concerned about this, a group of scientists decided to send Serious Sam back in time in order to examine what's going on.

Serious Sam is warped back to Ancient Egypt in order to start his quest. However, soon after he finds Mental's forces up to no good. He fights through Egypt and eventually reaches the Sirian Sphinx. Sam manages to eliminate him and gets ready to warp home. However, he is instead teleported to Ancient Rome thanks to Mental's meddling.

In Rome, Sam continues to fight off Mental's forces, and discovers that Mental is trying to twist Ancient Rome for his own purposes. After reaching Caesar's Palace, Sam finds the cause of the problem; the Wolfinator. Sam manages to eliminate the Wolfinator, which spells the end of Mental's forces in Ancient Rome. Now that his assignment is complete, Sam time travels back home.