Egyptian AssaultEdit

1. From your starting position, head left to find a secret armor.

2. Continue left, to the wall, there are some half-transparent ledges there. Jump on them and climb in the cave on the mountain to discover the secret.

3. In the cave, head left to find the secret area, and a Rocketeer riding a Sandwhale (?) in the background.

4. In the cave, notice there’s an opening above. There are 4 semi-transparent ledges there, 2 to the right and 2 to the left of the opening. Jump on the left ledge, then on the right, then on the left, then on the right and jump up to find a secret area.

5. When you find the first button you have to stand on to open a door, go in the area above it. Move to the rightmost wall, a Kleer will spawn when you pick up the Vitamin. Instead of killing it, jump on the block (the one that the Health Vial spawns on), and it will follow you but get stuck on the lower block. Walk on the Kleer and jump on the semi-transparent ledge on the wall, and from there onto the top for a Boston Cream.

6. After exiting a temple, when the giant flying beetle passes by, go on top of the object you can stand on in the middle. Some chimputees will spawn. From there, one will spawn on the left, jump on it. Another one will spawn a bit more on the left from the one you’re on. Jump on that one, and from there to the ledge to find a Gunstacker Connector.

7. After you find the Tommy Gun, continue straight down the pyramid and down only. You’ll come to a “dead end” with some armor. Walk through the wall to find a secret useless machine. You can shoot the trigger, but nothing will happen.

8. [NEEDS JUMP-PAD] After you’re locked in a room with Marsh Hoppers, Gnaars, Rocketeers, Kleers and such, and the music changes, once you clear them all out, walk up to the leftmost or rightmost upper corner of the room. From that location, there's an opening above you. Use the jump pad to jump in the opening, and then place it left and right until you’re up. You’ll find some items, and some Minor Biomechs will spawn.

9. Before exiting the area, drag a Minor Biomech close to the end of the level, in the entrance of the temple, jump on its mouth and from there to the ledge sticking out of the tunnel entrance. Some chimputees will spawn. Jump on them and onto the ledge to register the Secret Monkey Dash secret. From there, continue jumping on the chimputees to get a +100 health and a Gunstacker Connector on another ledge.

Pyramid LootingEdit

1. After leaving the starting area, you’ll pass through a corridor. When you exit the corridor, jump on the ledge above the exit of the corridor, and on the ledge above the ledge. Walk towards the wall, there’s a secret hallway leading to a Gunstacker Connector.

2. After #1, you’ll see some health pill on the left upper corner of the area. Walk past the wall and grab it, and from there, walk past the wall behind the pill, through a corridor leading to a Chainsaw.

3. At some point after #2, when you drop down and there’s a +50 health kit behind you and a Quicksave in front of you, walk through the wall behind the +50 health kit. You’ll see a vehicle on the edge of the ledge, jump on it, until it falls down. Make sure you’re on top of it, so you won’t get killed by the spikes. An invulnerability powerup will spawn next to you, grab it and run past the spikes.

4. NON-SECRET SECRET: [NEEDS JUMP-PAD] After you get your second Tommy Gun, you’ll see an opening above you. Use the jumpad to jump onto it, like secret #8 from the first level. Do the same when you reach a ledge in the opening, but watch out not to get impaled by the spikes. (put a jump pad on the bottom side of the ledge with the spikes and jump from it to the other wall, immediately put a jump pad on it and bounce above the spikes, and so on and so on). There’s a Gunstacker Connector on top of all the spike ledges.

5. When you encounter the Femikazes for the first time, go to the rightmost lower corner of the room. You can walk through the wall to a “Femikaze Love Cave”, where there’s a +100 health there.

Dark HarvestEdit

1. After the starting area, walk straight forward and go up as much as you can. You’ll see a ledge and a diagonal ramp next to it with some items. Jump on the ledge and move left through some corridor to find a Gunstacker Connector.

2. When you first see the Vuvuzelators, walk straight forward for the bullets, and past the wall which looks like a dead-end. Continue walking until you see a closet, and approach It to reveal some skeleton.

3. NON-SECRET SECRET: [NEEDS JUMP-PAD] After putting some Gnaar corpses in a spike pit to pass through (after the Vuvuzelators), there’s an opening on the ceiling from where the Gnaars spawned. Use the jump pad like you did on the first level on secret #8 to find a Tommy Gun, trigger some enemies, and then a +100 health will be spawned.

4. [NEEDS JUMP-PAD] After the giant flying beetle fight, you’ll see an opening to the rightmost upper corner of the room. You know what to do with the jump-pad (like secret #8 from the first level, but will refer to it as "wallpad" from now on for short). There’s a +100 health and a chainsaw on top.

Amber ChambersEdit

1. After picking up the Grenade Launcher and destroying the Vuvuzelators, move to the rightmost upper corner of the room where Vuvuezalotrs where. You’ll notice some ledges. Jump above them for a secret armor stash.

2. After the big fight with the music switch, and the “Aunt Vuvu’s” thing in the background, move beyond the left wall. Some Gnaars will appear. What you have to do? Get them in the spikes. To do that, you can simply wait for them to charge at you, jump towards the spikes then move back to the ground. Do that until you’ve reached the final ledge, after 2 spike pits, for a Secret Sub-machine Pistol.

3. After the big fight room from #2, pass the area that follows it, but before leaving, you’ll notice the final spike pit in the lower part of the room is differently colored. Jump in it to find some secret items, then continue walking right for the exit.

4. After passing the wall that requires the jump-pad. Jump on the ledge above it and use the jump pad while on the ledge to jump on the wall to the right for some secret Boston Cream.

Amethystine CavernsEdit

1. After jumping the 3rd wall that needs the jump-pad, you’ll see a ledge where you have to drop down below and a ledge sticking out of the wall on the right. Use the jump-pad to reach the ledge sticking out of the wall and walk into the hidden hall to find some armor.

2. After an area with a lot of chimputees and ledges, after #1, drop down from the lowest ledge on the right side of the room. You’ll see a Gnaar wondering below in a lower area of the room. Do not kill it! Put a jump pad near it so it will bounce up to you, and walk up and raise a platform, leading you to a Grenade Launcher and a +100 health.

3. After going down a diagonal ramp, you drop to an autosave. You have 2 choices: go to the right and continue the mission, or go left into the room. Choose left, and walk by the small corridor below the room. The game hint pretty much tells you what to do. Put a jump pad below you and then against the wall, and you’ll find some secret armor.

4. After passing the Gnaar area with the ceiling spikes, jump on the leftmost upper ledge. You’ll see an opening. “Walljump” (look above for the meaning) the opening to find a Gunstacker Connector.

5. Before you drop down after #4, use the jump pad to jump on ledges above you, until you find a +100 health in the leftmost upper ledge.

Chimputee Battle MasterEdit

1. From the starting area, jump above and walk up to the pyramid from where you came from. When you’re on top of it, use the jump pad to jump on a ledge, then on another ledge to find a +100 heatlh.

Jurassic ReckoningEdit

1. From your starting position, head left until you find a “Xona’s Future Office” sign.

2. From #1, walk a bit close to the wall on the left. If you use the jump pad below you, you’ll see a wooden log sticking out of the wall with a flamethrower on it. Shoot a grenade below you to be catapulted over to the log and grab the flamethrower.

3. When you see the third blue dinosaur, make sure it won’t go angry. You’ll see some half-transparent ledges above it. Jump on them to find a Gunstacker Connector.

4. NON-SECRET SECRET: After you pass #3, you’ll see some stacked up wood logs. Jump on top of them and collect a health pill to activate a secret “Blood Bath” (spawns some Minor Biomechs). After the Biomechs are killed, a +100 health will spawn.

5. After you’re done with the log area, before leaving up on a mountain, drop down instead. You’ll see a hole opening. Go through it to find some secret +100 health.

Flying ReptilesEdit

1. After the first flying dinosaur, you’ll see another one. Jump on it. Then jump on the one above it. And then on the one above that one. And on the one above that one. One of them, the leftmost one, will lead you to a secret cave with some Tommy Gun Ammo and a Lasergun (and 2 giant Beetles).

2. After dropping down the mountain, with some wooden logs sticking out of walls, you can go right or left. Choose left, there’s an opening on the “Ceiling”. Walljump there for a Gunstacker Connector.

3. From #3, go right, and to the rightmost upper corner of the area. Wait for the flying dinosaur to pass by, jump on it and use the jump pad to jump above on the cliff. From there, use the jump pad to reach a Gunstacker Connector.

4. Before the big fight, with the Minor Biomech on the flying dinosaur and the purple dinosaur, head left, don’t jump from the cliff yet. There’s an opening on the ceiling (to the left, with the Vuvuzelator droppings). Jump on the ledges for some secret armor.

Carrion CavernsEdit

1. From your starting position, head left and continue heading left until you find a Secret Monument to Parallax.

2. At the Carrion Caves, jump as high as you can, and head right. At some point, on top of the bone-thingies, there’s a health pill. Pick it up to spawn a lot of Minor Biomechanoids.

3. While on top of the Carrion Caverns, head for the top, but go left. You’ll see a pill floating above in the air. Pick it up to spawn some Minor Biomechs and a ledge with another pill. Pick up the health pill from the spawned ledge to spawn another ledge. Do this until you see a ledge with a Sub-machine Pistol spawn.

4. After the Major Biomechanoid fight, jump up on the mountain until you see a quicksave. From there, jump on the bone ledges above to find some secret items.

5. When you drop down, slide on the left side of the beetles, and when you’re at the bottom, jump in the cave on the left to find the secret beetle backroom.

Dinoo SwitcherooEdit

1. From your starting position, head left and jump on a wooden log when you see oil. Walk up a bit more to the left to discover the secret.

2. When you jump down a cave, head right. When you have the opportunity to go up, do it. Continue walking left from where you jumped to find a secret Grave Before Time and a Grenade Launcher.

3. When you surface up and see a little cutscene, head left and use the jump pad to jump up the mountain and find the secret Gunstack Connector.

4. After jumping up the mountain on the RIGHT, opposite from #3, you’ll see some flying dinos. Jump on them until you see a half-transparent log with a shotgun on it. Grab the shotgun.

Tube TownEdit

1. Jump in the first tube, then go up when you have the chance. Exit the tube and walk above it, until you see some secret armor.

2. From #1, some chimputees will spawn. Jump on them until you reach an Invulnerability powerup.

3. When you pick up the Rocket Launcher above a tube, head left and use the jump pad or rocket jump to go to the floating tube and find a Tommy Gun.

4. When you drop from a mountain, after the tubes, head left for a secret health.

5. NON-SECRET SECRET: After you see some more tubes, go on top of them. There’s an armor piece above one tube, which will spawn a Major Biomechanoid. Jump on the Major, and from the Major onto the floating tube-ledge. “Walljump” the tube above the tube-ledge you’re on to find a Gunstacker Connector.

6. When you drop down in a cavern, before the final fight, before climbing the mountain, make sure you drop to the left wing, and go to the leftmost lower corner of the cavern from there. Walk through the dirt (there’s a secret hallway). There’s a van over at the edge of the ledge. Jump on it, and stay on top of it, until it drops down to spikes. An invulnerability powerup will spawn. Pick it up and proceed with your mission.

Mental's Pet HamsterEdit

1. Jump above the first tube you see, and into another tube above you on the left. Follow it to find a Grenade Launcher.

Pompeii PyromaniaEdit

1. From your starting position, head left. Jump on the buildings, and from those buildings onto the higher building on the left. There’s a Serious Pack there. Walljump on the opening above the Serious Pack. When you’re on top, jump above to collect a Gunstack Connector.

2. After you kill the first Caterfighter, another one will spawn. Don’t kill it, let it get near the edge of the building, as left as possible. Jump on it, and from it, onto the half-transparent ledges on the left. Continue jumping up the ledges until you find the secret Cannoli.

3. After the Caterfighters, you’ll be at some buildings. There’s a gap between some buildings. Head for the right building, and drop down to find a Rocket Launcher.

4. After you drop down from a tall building, where Femikazes spawn from, you’ll be at a shorter building with a +50 health on it. Move to the left to drop down, and walk down until you discover the Red Light Rendezvous secret.

Fireball FuryEdit

1. From your starting position, use the jump pad to jump left, and when on top of the buildings, use the jump pad to jump on half-transparent platforms to find a secret Gunstacker Connector.

2. When Vesuviuz (the volcano) starts spitting out fire, get under the flea and immediately onto the building. Then use the jump-pad to jump on the flea, and from its rear, put a jump pad and bounce over to the edge of the building, where there’s a half-transparent ledge. Use that ledge and jump-pad over to the second ledge a bit to the higher part of the building. From there, jump on top of the building to find a Flamethrower (which will spawn 2 Major Biomechs).

3. When you see 2 Fleas, back-to-back, choose the one that heads for the left. Do the same as you did in #2, only though the higher part of the building has 3 ledges. There’s a Gunstacker Connector on top. Picking it up will spawn 2 Minor Biomechanoids.


1. After the first Lava Golem, jump up the Scaffold Ledges, and head as left as possible until you see a Cliffside. Jump on it for a Gunstacker Connector.

2. After the second and third lava golem, jump up the Scaffold Ledges and head as left as possible, then jump up on ledges with Vitamins. One Vitamin will spawn 2 Minor Biomechanoids. Don’t kill the one on the left! Jump on it and over to the floating ledge (to the left), and use it to jump on the mountainside. Pass beyond the wall to see a Phoenix fishing in the background.

3. As of #2, but right. A Minor Biomechanoid will spawn. Kill it, and stick a jump pad on its corpse, then jump on the mountainside on the right for a Chainsaw.

4. Drop down from #3, then when you’re on a Scaffold Ledge on the mountain, there’s a pit below the ledge (you can see it). Drop down on the ledge to find another ledge. Continue dropping down until you find a Rocket Launcher.

Sewer, Gas and LavaEdit

1. After the lava river, a Minor Biomechanoid will be spawned at some point. Jump on it, and on the ledge above it, then head right for a Gunstack Connector.

2. NON-SECRET SECRET: After the lava river, 2 minor Biomechanoids will spawn. One is close to rock ledges. Jump on that one, and over to the rock ledges, and head right for a Gunstacker Connector.

3. At some point, you’ll see scaffold ledges again. Jump up to the highest ledge, and walk to the left. There’s an armor there. It’s not the secret, but drop down to a ledge below the armor for more armor. That “more armor” is the secret.

4. On the right, opposite of #2, is some ledge with a cliff above it. The cliff has an opening. Walljump the opening to find a secret Sub-machine Pistol.

Long, Hard RoadEdit

1. After you surface, head left. Head for the leftmost upper corner of the town. Stick a jump pad beneath you and jump up, then walljump through the opening on the mountain (it’s not visible), and find a secret Shotgun.

2. Opposite of #1, on the rightmost lower corner of the right side of town, there’s a gap where you can fall off to find some secret armor and a lasergun.

General MaxillaEdit

1. As you start, walk left and beyond the wall. There’s a flamethrower there.

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