Serious Sam HD: Next Encounter is the upcoming PC only first person shooter re-make of Serious Sam: Next Encounter released back in 2004 for PS2 and Gamecube. The release date is to be announced. The game is currently in development by the Russian community; Serious Site.

Not much information has been given from this project, however a quite revealing trailer did enough explaining that we'll need for awhile.



  • Will the 20x killing combo spree be included?
  • Will ALL enemies be replaced (as seen in trailer) with the original models?
  • Will it be released as a separate game and not a Serious Sam HD: TSE mod?
  • Will the multiple ammo types be included?
  • Will the gravity effects work for those crazy gravity levels?
  • Will we have to wait longer than the release date like Serious Sam 3?


  • There's no certainty, however in the trailer when Sam kills 2 Aludran Reptilioid Demons, you hear Sam scream "Yee-Haw!" like he does when he starts a spree. We are unaware to if the team that created this video put that in there randomly, or that Sam's scream was recorded in-game, meaning the spree would most likely be included.
  • We've heard various rumors that they're working on that as of now.
  • Most likely not
  • Nothing has been said about this yet, so it's undetermined.
  • Since Serious Engine 3 does not allow for these types of platforms, we cannot be sure, however we have heard rumor of the team making acceptions to the engine allowing it to be capable with these types of platforms. We have no evidence to this rumor, it may or may not be true.
  • Who knows? Every project can have problems. For now, let's just hope the project doesn't crash.



Serious Sam HD: Next Encounter Facebook page

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