Serious Skates is an item in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


Serious Skates is a powerup that makes the user run much faster for one minute. It is a pair of red and yellow roller skates with Serious Sam's logo on it.

Serious Skates are fairy rare in the game, as the appear only a handful of times in the entire game. It is never found in secrets.


  • Serious Skates makes it significantly easier to dodge enemy projectiles and enemies themselves, so the player should pick it up as soon as possible in order to maximize it's usefulness.
  • This powerup makes it much easier to circle-strafe groups of enemies, making it much easier to take on multiple enemies at once.
  • When Serious Skates is getting close to running out, the player should position themselves so that they'll be in a safe place when the powerup runs out. If they don't, they may be in a dangerous spot when it runs out, and they'll lack the speed to get away without taking a lot of damage or dying.

See AlsoEdit

  • Serious Speed – a powerup that also increases the user's speed for a limited amount of time.