Serpent Yards is the fourth level in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.


Sam must pass through the Serpent Yards to get to his main objective; the Sun Pyramid, which is where the Time-lock lies.


  1. When exiting the starting building, head for the lower right corner of the area to collect an ammo pack.
  2. Opposite of #1, to discover a "suicidal plant" (Kamikaze). Do not kill him until the secret is registered.
  3. In the part where the Kleers come in, when you're in a lower-height area with a mini-pyramid in the middle, when the Majors come bursting through the walls of where you came front, walk up to the remains and turn left to find a secret +50 health.
  4. After the Force Field, go behind the right house to find some ammo.
  5. (HD-only)In the building in front of the Force Field, on its left side is a bush. Destroy the bush or crouch past it and activate a switch. This will trigger a bouncing kamikaze that will bounce high in the air in the area you are (Hint: His first bounce is near the exit, just look up and left from your current position). When you kill him, some Sniper ammo and health pills will appear.
  6. (HD-only)In the yard before the moon pyramid, next to the structure with the statue that will shot fireballs is a doorway with a statuette above it. Blow up the statuette to turn the doorway into a portal to a secret location.
  7. After you pick up the Ix Chel mask in the Moon Pyramid, head right of the entrance and approach a small head statue. It will turn into a Marsh Hopper. Let it explode on you or blow it up with a rocket to reveal an item.
  8. Go around the Moon Pyramid until you find a Detonator Switch behind it. Use the switch, and the Pyramid will be blown up (and 2 Highlanders will be spawned).
  9. Back in the yard before the Moon Pyramid, after placing the Ix Chel mask on the alter, and the fireball-shooting statue is destroyed, enter the building it was on to find a secret +100 armor.
  10. In the upper right corner of the last courtyard is a health pill, pick it up to reveal a "secret watcher" (look above to notice the secret watcher)
  11. Shoot the "secret watcher"'s eyes to turn him into the Mighty Kamikaze. You better take some distance though, his explosion radius is HUGE.
  12. In the last room, blow up the two jaguar statues above the exit of the level to reveal a secret health.


Before the pyramid part, where the Kleers spawn, instead of going down the stairs,take right to the ledge, until you reach the buildings. Two Major Biomechs will spawn. After taking them out, proceed to the rightmost top corner of the village to find a phone booth, which you can use to hear a conversation.

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