After falling into a pit to the sewers from the suburban area of Memphis, as the door to the Memphis Metropolis was locked, Sam must now make his way through the sewers to find an alternate entrance into the the Metropolis.


  1. From your starting position, dive in until you reach the bottom, then swim forward to find a corridor with a +100 health.
  2. After swimming through the corridor in #1, there is a secret +50 armor somewhere on the right side of the sewer.
  3. Before you exit the first sewer, while on top of the platform near the door, jump on one of the beams over the hallway, and walk to its edge to find a secret +50 armor.
  4. After exiting the first sewer, and walking down both stairways, turn left, you'll see a dead end, but actually, there's a small hole where you can swim in. Swim further into the hall to reach a secret room with a few powerups and two enemies.
  5. When the wall drops and a Common Aludran Reptiloid is spawned, in the point before you walk down some stairs and swim through some large corridors and finish the level, kill the Reptiloid inside the gap in the wall and immediately jump inside the gap to get the +200 armor. The wall can open again by a switch, which is inside the gap. You need to kill the Reptiloid first for the armor to spawn.

Enemy, Item and Weapon countEdit

EnemiesTourist and Easy Single Player Normal Single PlayerHard and Mental single playerSerious Difficulty single playerTourist Co-Op Easy and Normal Co-opHard and Mental Co-OpSerious Co-Op
Beheaded Rocketeers11101110
Beheaded Kamikazes11111111
Female Gnaars23442344
Kleer Skeletons44674467
Marsh Hoppers191191191191191191191191
Juvenile Arachnoids23332333
Adult Arachnoids00110011
Common Aludran Reptiloids22442244
Reeban Electro-Fishes471011471011
Minor Biomechanoids33343334
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Healths1
Small Healths6
Medium Healths4
Super Healths2
Extra Small Armors1
Medium Armors4
Large Armors2
Extra Large Armors1
Super Armors1
WeaponsAll difficulties
AmmunitionAll difficulties


After emerging from Secret #4, if you don't jump and continue "swimming", you can swim on the shallow water of the sewers. (in HD, at least) This will cause some enemies to think you're underwater, therefore they will not charge at you. (Notably the Kleer Skeletons, any Gnaars and the Beheaded Kamikaze in that area won't charge at you.).

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