The Shofield Desert Hawk is a semi-automatic pistol that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Desert Hawk is a large pistol chambered in .50AE. It holds 12 rounds of ammunition in its magazine and has to be reloaded. It has been outfitted with Shofield's “Unlimited Ammo” device, making it impossible to ever run out of ammo with it.

The Desert Hawk has very high accuracy, allowing its user to hit enemies with ease, no matter how far away the enemy is.

Like the Schofield .45, the Desert Hawk can be dual-wielded. This doubles the magazine capacity and allows the player to inflict more damage than with a single pistol. The reload time is the same as the single pistol, making dual-wielding a straight upgrade.

NETRICSA informationEdit

AMMO: .50 AE

RATE OF FIRE: Single Action, Manual Reload

The Shofield Desert Hawk is a high caliber pistol that packs a real punch. It's reliable, sturdy and capable of stopping a 20ft armored killing machine in its tracks. Every Desert Hawk comes with Shofield's Unlimited Ammo function so that no hero will ever be pulled up short on the battlefield.


Clips can be reloaded at any point with [bound key].

Desert Hawk weapons only require one handed use so it is possible for Serious-class users to operate two pistols at the same time for twice the firepower.


  • The Desert Hawk is very effective against enemies with low health, such as the beheaded-type enemies and the Dum-Dum.
  • Its very high accuracy makes it effective against enemies that usually spawn very far-away, such as the Scythian Witch-Harpy and Common Aludran Reptiloid.
  • The Desert Hawk is not very effective against enemies that have a large amount of health, such as the Major Bio-mechanoid because of the small amount of damage each bullet does.
  • The player should try to reload whenever chance they get while using the Desert Hawk.



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