Shofield Uzi Pistols
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The Shofield Uzi Pistols are a weapon in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Shofield Uzi Pistol is a pair of 9mm Uzi submachineguns manufactured by Shofield. It is designed with their “Spray and Pray” technology, allowing the user to quickly unload many bullets at targets. However, the Uzi Pistols have low accuracy and consume a lot of ammo quickly, making its use somewhat limited when compared to it's big brother, the XM4000 Minigun.

NETRICSA Information Edit

AMMO: 9mm

RATE OF FIRE: 800 rounds per minute

Shofield's Uzi Pistol is an assault weapon with a high fire rate. The patented Spray And Pray technology makes gunning down long lines of hideous aliens as easy as mowing the lawn.


Once loaded with special Ricochet Ammo the Uzi's bullets will bounce off surfaces to create a lethal net of firepower. This ammunition is best deployed in small to medium sized interiors. To switch between Ricochet and Normal ammo types use [bound key].

Uzi Pistols only require one handed use so it is possible for Serious-class users to operate two Uzi Pistols at the same time.


  • It is very effective against hordes of weak enemies, such as Beheaded-type enemies, Dum-Dums, and Kleer Knights. It's high rate of fire allows the player to quickly clear through a horde of them in no time.
  • The Uzi Pistols have horrible accuracy, making them unsuitable for anything outside close-range combat.
  • The Uzi Pistols can use Ricochet Bullets, making them more useful than other weapons for clearing out a tight room or corridor that's filled with enemies. Bullets that do not hit a target can ricochet and hit enemies that are nearby, making it very effective at clearing out enemies that are behind other enemies.


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