Simba Bomber
Simbabomber 2

300 (set in levels to be a lot lower)

Weapon damage


Games it appears in

Serious Sam 2

The Simba Bomber is a vehicle in Serious Sam 2.


The Simba Bomber is a flying vehicle made out of wood by the Simbas. Despite it's name, it is actually used as a support weapon for dropping items, such as weapons and health, to someone on the ground. They have no weapons, which makes them vulnerable to enemies.

The Simba Bomber appears only in the second level and fourth levels.


  • If a Simba Bomber is seen in the air, be sure to look around, as the ship might drop crates that may not be noticeable at first.
  • The only time a Simba Bomber is in danger is during a scripted sequence in Riverdance, and even then it is always destroyed by a Fatso Fighter. Otherwise, it will never be targeted by enemies.

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