Rocketeer SSHD

A Beheaded Rocketeer, a creature made out of the remains of a Sirian.

The Sirians are a species that appear in the Serious Sam series.


The Sirians were a species that lived on the star/planet (depending on the game) Sirius. Based on their description in the backstory and their appearances in-game, the Sirians were basically humanoids that shared a great resemblance to humans, but were a bit taller. Unlike humans, they knew how to use magic as well as technology, giving them a technological edge over humans.



When Sirians discovered the ability to travel through space, they began traveling through space and met various species, such as the Kleers. Instead of dominating or enslaving them, they decided to work with them and explore who these species were. The Sirians continued to push deeper into the galaxy in order to satisfy their curiosity. For a time, all was well.

Meeting EarthEdit

A few decades before their fall, the Sirians discovered Earth and humanity. The Sirians sent a scouting party in order to meet and establish contact with the humans. They landed in Egypt and began interacting with the local humans. The humans, astonished by the Sirians and their technology, called them gods. The Sirians began creating powerful generators and other machines underground for their own purposes.

Discovering the pastEdit

A few decades after they discovered Earth, they also discovered ruins from another species called the Ellians. According to these ruins, there was once a time when there were large, galactic empires ruled by creatures called the Hum-Tah, or the Infinite Beings. These empires were peaceful and constantly changed. However the last Hum-Tah was different; he completely destroyed the empire.

Unfortunately for them, Chaad Sheen awoke soon after they discovered the Ellian ruins.


Chaad-Sheen began attacking the Sirians, as they were intelligent life. Even though the Sirians put up a good fight, they were no match for Chaad-Sheen and his forces. Each of their colonies and the primitive species they had come in contact with were destroyed, one by one. All was lost.

However, there was one planet that Mental didn't know about; Earth. The Sirians on Sirius told the Sirians on Earth to stay put so that Mental would not detect them. That way, their species still had a chance. The Sirians on Earth complied, but received something unusual from Sirius; a strange device called the Time-Lock that allowed one to travel back in time to a certain location. This was to prevent Chaad-Sheen from obtaining it and using it for his own evil purposes.

Despite their best efforts, the Sirians were killed and Sirius was transformed into Mental's base of operations. Everything had gone according to Chaad-Sheen's plans, or so he thought. There was still a group of Sirians on Earth, keeping the species alive for a bit longer.


After Sirius was overrun by Mental, the remaining Sirians on Earth began dipping into madness and depression because the rest of their species had been wiped out. Riots and the like engulfed Egypt as they began dying off. During these last few years, the Sirians disabled the main method to summon their spaceship, the SSS Centerprice, so that it couldn't be exploited by the Egyptians after the Sirians died. However, in case of an emergency, they created a backdoor involving elemental statues and some of the biggest cities in Ancient Egypt. Clues to this were hidden throughout old Egyptian texts in order to prevent any one person from piecing it together.

The last few decided to put everything they had in one crypt, in order to help the humans explore the galaxy when they were more advanced and to warn them about Chaad-Sheen. Everything, such as the location of the SSS Centerprice and what they knew about the galaxy, were buried in that crypt. One of their last acts was to activate the time-lock and set it to the time they lived in in case someone like the humans needed it for some reason.

Two millenia later, humans would finally discover this crypt and use it to explore the stars.

The last Sirian was the Oracle, who told the Egyptians about both the SSS Centerprice and Chaad-Sheen, albeit in terms that the Egyptians would understand. After he died, the species became extinct.

As Mental's forcesEdit

Kamikaze SS3

A Beheaded Kamikaze, a creature made out of a dead Sirian body, during the siege on Earth.

While the Sirians themselves are gone, they still exist as part of Mental's forces. The Beheaded Rocketeer, Beheaded Bomber, Beheaded Firecracker and Beheaded Kamikaze. The fact that the Beheaded Rocketeer and Beheaded Kamikaze are still a part of Mental forces during the attack on Earth two millennia later show that they have staying power as parts of his forces.

The Sirian Great CouncilEdit

Despite what the Earth-based Sirians thought, there were three survivors from Mental's attack on Sirius. They were the Sirian Great Council, and have been plotting to defeat Mental for ages. The Sirians discovered Serious Sam and decided that he would be the one to defeat Mental. They took him from the location and told him about their plan. There was a medallion that would help defeat Mental, but the Medallion was broken into five pieces and given to five of Mental's subordinates in order to prevent anyone from putting it back together. Sam agreed, and the Sirian Great Council sent him to the first planet that had a medallion piece, M'Digbo.

After Sam got a piece, the Great Council warped him to the next planet. When he managed to get all of the pieces and recreate the Medallion, the Great Council told him of the

When Sam destroyed the Mental Institution, but failed to kill Mental, Sam was warped back to where the Great Council was. While talking to the Great Council, Sam noticed a box of medallions near a TV. Sam then realized the whole medallion quest was a ruse and that the medallion would do nothing. Infuriated at the Council, Sam began chasing them around their home. What happened to the Great Council after this is unknown.