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For the Sirian Werebull in other games, see Sirian Werebull.

The Sirian Werebull is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Sirian Werebull is a unusual-looking bull with four horns. While there is no concrete proof, it is speculated that the Werebull is made of a mixture of Sirian and cattle genes. While it is unknown who or what made them, they are a prominent member of Mental's army and are very dangerous.

The Werebull has only one attack; charge at the player.

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The concept art for the Sirian Werebull.


  • The Werebull's attack can be dodged by strafing left or right. Strafing at an angle while running backward also works if the player has enough room to effectively do so.
  • Groups of Werebulls can be taken out with the XM4000 Minigun and Sirian Power Gun. Their high rate of fire can take down Werebulls in no time. The Double-Barrel Shotgun is also a good choice is the player is good at dodging them, as it is a one-hit kill and has a somewhat-low reload speed.
  • Werebulls should be a high-priority target because of how damaging they are and how it can be easy to lose track of them in a large firefight.

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