For the Sirian Werebull in other games, see Sirian Werebull.

The Sirian Werebull is an enemy in Serious Sam Advance.


The Sirian Werebull is a large, brown, bull creature that looks very similar to its classic counterpart. It spends its life cooped up, which makes it very eager to charge towards an enemy when it's finally released. The Werebull can only charge towards the player. If it misses, it'll take some time for it to try to charge again, giving the player a chance to do a lot of damage before it charges again.

It has one attack; ram into the target.


  • The Sirian Werebull's attack can be dodged by strafing to the left or right while it's charging. This will make the Werebull miss, giving the player a few seconds to attack it while it's trying to readjust itself to charge again.
  • The Double Barrel Coach Gun and Thompson Sub Machine Gun are effective against the Sirian Werebull. The Thompson can quickly do a good amount of damage on it per hit thanks to the amount of damage it does per bullet and its rate of fire. Its bullets can also briefly stun the Werebull, giving the player more of a change to dodge the Werebull. The Double Barrel Coach Gun is surprisingly not as effective as the Thompson because of its slow rate of fire and damage per second, but it works in a pinch.
  • The Rocket Launcher is effective against the Sirian Werebull, but it can be dangerous for the player if they are facing the Werebulls in a small arena. The Werebull can quickly close the distance between the player and itself while the rocket is in-air, which may cause it to explode close to the player, harming them.
  • Groups of Sirian Werebulls should be dealt with by using either the Minigun or the Rocket Launcher. The Minigun's high rate of fire and lack of potential self-damage make it easy to kill Werebulls before they get too close, while the Rocket Launcher can kill multiple Werebulls with a few rockets, especially if they're close together.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Werebull is a high priority target. Trying to dodge them while dodging other enemy attacks can be difficult and cause the player a lot of grief. Eliminating them ASAP makes it much easier to dodge other enemy attacks.

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