Siriusopolis Uptown is the 35th level in Serious Sam 2.


Sam manages to enter Sirius via the hole in the shield created by the Laser Cannon, but crash lands in the middle of Siriusopolis. The hops out, then starts his journey to the Shield Generator. After some fighting, Sam reaches an indoor area with some windows peering outside. After wiping out all of the resistance in the area, a Kozak Helicopter appears and shoots the glass up. Sam destroys the helicopter, then notices that there are jump pads that connect him to another part of the city.

Thanks to some quick thinking, Sam gets across the jump pads, and is attacked by a large horde of enemies. He travels through the new location, then notices a XM-214-A Minigun and a blue CH-181 Hover Bike on the other side of the area. He gets into the Hover Bike, then flies across a large gap to a tower with a glass top on the other side. After clearing out some enemie outside, Sam enters the tower.


1. From the starting point, go up to the first potted bush you see, then walk right along the concrete walkway until you see a garage door on your right. Walk up to it, and it will open, revealing a room with a TV a soccer/football ball and net, a pinball machine, a poker table, a vending machine and a banner. Go into it to register the secret and spawn a few Primitives outside. Killing them will reveal a Super Health.

2. In the jumping pad portion of the level, get on the first pad and look behind you. You'll see several Treasure Bags in a tight space. Position yourself so that you land in that space, and a secret will be registered. The best way to get to it is to try to reach it while you're going up, not down. There are nine treasure bags in total.

3. On the pad where you find a XM-214-A Minigun, CH-181 Hover Bike and two red ScorpSoldiers, go to the left. You'll see a tree with carrots on it. Walk next to it to register the secret. If you shoot the carrots, each one will spawn in an Extra Small Health.

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