The Spiky Bulldog is an enemy in Serious Sam 2.


Spiky Bulldogs will charge at the player in an attempt to ram them. If they manage to hit the player, they'll slightly toss the player to another direction and cause damage. If they miss, they'll turn around and try to ram the player again.


  • A single or small group of Bulldogs can be dealt with by using the Double Shotgun. One blast can eliminate a Bulldog at up to medium range, and its rate of fire lets the player quickly eliminate them.
  • Groups of Spiky Bulldogs are best dealt with by using automatic weapons, such as the Uzi. Their health is low enough that they can be eliminated with any rapid fire weapon.
  • With other enemies, the Spiky Bulldog should be dealt with if the player has little room to avoid them. Otherwise, the player should be switching their focus between other enemies and the Bulldogs to keep the Bulldogs in check.

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