The Spinosaurus is an enemy in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Spinosaurus is a large dinosaur with spines coming out of its back. It's only attack is to run towards a target and bite. If something gets on it's back, it will attempt to bite it.

It is only encountered in Nova Scotia.


  • Don't stay on the Spinosaurus' back for too long. It will try to bite the player.
  • Avoiding the Spinosaurus is as easy as walking backwards. If the player runs out of room, the player can just jump on it's back and then run in the direction they just came from.
  • Strong weapons, such as the LM32 Rocket Launcher and MadDog Grenade Launcher, are highly recommended against to use against the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus has high health, which means that strong weapons are needed to kill it.
  • Try to use the fact that other dinosaurs will attack the Spinosaur to the player's advantage. A dinosaur and Spinosaur fighting will distract the Spinosaur, allowing the player to target other enemies. If there are no other enemies around, the player can either run to the next area or kill the Spinosaur.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Spinosaurus should be a low priority. It fires no projectiles and it is easy to avoid it. The biggest problem it poses is that it will absorb bullets and projectiles meant for other enemies, depending on how close they are to the Spinosaurus.

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