The Static Cannon is an enemy in Serious Sam: the Second Encounter, Serious Sam: Xbox and Serious Sam HD.


The Static Cannon is an SBC Cannon on a stand that is stationary and does not move. When something or someone walks near it, it will fire a cannonball.

It is only found in The Citadel, Land of the Damned, Grand Cathedral and as a secret in The City of the Gods (funnily enough, entering the hidden doorway to the secret puts you directly in front of the secret cannon. If you don't act fast, you die).


  • The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle can destroy a Static Cannon in one shot and it can reach a Static Cannon that's placed at any range thanks to it's perfect accuracy. Thanks to these attributes, the player should always use the RAPTOR against the Static Cannon.
  • Static Cannons should be a high-priority target when facing other enemies because of how much damage its cannonballs can do. Taking it out as soon as possible makes things much easier for the player because they don't have to worry about being gibbed by a Static Cannon while fighting other enemies.


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