The T-Mech is an enemy in Serious Sam 2. It is a Major bio-mechanoid with a cigar-smoking Tyrannosaurus rex head on it.


The T-Mech is the son of the Major bio-mechanoid. It swore revenge against Serious Sam after he killed the T-Mech's dad in Serious Sam 1. Originally slated to not be in the game, the T-Mech managed to bribe its way into the game, but only on the condition it got a facelift.

In-game, the T-Mech is essentially a copy of the Major bio-mechanoid. It will fire one rocket at the player, then fire another a few seconds later. After two rockets have been fired, it will have a cool=down period, then fire the rockets again.


  • The T-Mech's rockets can be destroyed, which is useful if the player doesn't have enough time or space to effectively dodge the rocket.
  • The T-Mech should be one of the first enemies targeted by the player in a fight. Its rockets can cause significant damage if they explode right on or near the player.
  • The XPML30 Rocket Launcher and XL 808 Plasma Rifle are very effective against the T-Mech. They both have good rates of fire and their attacks do a good amount of damage against it. A little bit of concentrated fire on the T-Mech with these weapons will kill it in no time.
  • Try to avoid using weak weapons, such as the Auto Shotgun or the Uzi, against the T-Mech. They'll slowly chip off his health while him and his buddies are attacking, which, considering how many enemies usually spawn when a T-Mech is around, is a very bad thing.

Behind the scenesEdit

An early render showed that the T-Mech had no relation with the Major bio-mechanoid.




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