Team Deathmatch is a versus multiplayer mode in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Team Deathmatch is the same as Deathmatch, but the players are divided into to teams. The goal is for one team to reach the kill, or frag, limit before the other team does or get more frags than the other team does before the time limit is reached. Each player's multiplayer character is given a special red or blue-colored texture (depending on the team they are on) to let others know what team they're on.

Every Deathmatch level can be played in Team Deathmatch mode.


  • Try to stick close to someone whenever possible. Two people are a lot more deadly that one.
  • Take advantage of the team system by using a team to secure vital areas, such as where a Serious Damage spawns, so that only members of the player's team will have access to it. This can change the tide of a battle with some coordination.