Team Last Man Standing is a versus multiplayer game mode in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Team Last Man Standing is a team-based version of Last Man Standing. The players are divided into two teams; red and blue. As with regular Last Man Standing, a player cannot repsawn if they are killed. The only time they can respawn is when a round has ended. The goal for each team is to eliminate each member of the opposite team while not being wiped out themselves. The team that managed to survive the most rounds is the unofficial winner of the match.

Team Last Man Standing can be played in any Deathmatch level.


  • Sticking together is very important. Having a partner or two makes it much more likely for each member to survive an enemy attacking them than if they were alone.
  • If the player is still alive near the end of a round, they should stick with their teammates so that their team won't get picked off one by one by any surviving enemies.