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Temple of Hatshepsut is the first level of Serious Sam 1, The First Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter.


Following the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE, Sam is sent back in time to Ancient Egypt, in order to assassinate Mental to prevent his assault on future Earth, thus saving humanity from annihilation.

Sam arrives at Deir el-Bahari in 1378 B.C. via the Time-Lock at the Temple of Hatshepsut. Sam's first order of business is to get off Earth and head towards Sirius: in order to do this, he must bring the Amon-Ra symbol from Memphis to Thebes. In order to gain access to Thebes however, he must acquire four elements which allow Sam to enter Thebes. The nearest is in the Temple of Thutmose, so Sam must go there.



When the game begins, walk up the ramp. You will encounter a Beheaded Rocketeer. After you kill him, 3 more will follow, but if the weather is still thunder, they will get hit by lightning and get either killed or injured. After they're all dead, another Rocketeer will pass by, and move towards the left hall. You can choose to go to either the left or the right hall. After you're done with either of the halls, walk into the hallway, with the elevator in the middle, grab the Schofield. On higher difficulties, this will spawn a few monsters. Then proceed to the door, where a female Gnaar will attack you. After you kill it, go past the door. (The Schofield is replaced by the Chainsaw in Serious Sam: Xbox)

Other entrancesEdit

From the start, turn left or right instead, you will see a hallway. Follow it to its end, you will see a door. Enter it, and you'll be in a hallway with a Beheaded Rocketeer patrolling it. After you kill him, a male Gnaar will attack you. From there, you can use the elevator to instantly go to the hallway with the revolver, near the door inside the temple.

Entering the templeEdit

After the Gnaar fight, you will see a pool. Left and right, there are rows of Extra Small Armor shards. If you pick either of the last 2 armor shards, from either the left or right row, a Beheaded Bomber will appear in the opposite side of the pool. The health bottle between some columns in the right side of the room will cause a Rocketeer to spawn.

After you clear the area, move towards the other room. There, you will see some shotgun shells, armor, and the shotgun. If you pick up the shotgun, monsters will charge at you, from behind and the front. The ones from the front come from the exit door, which you can always get into by jumping on them and into the door, or you can do it the "honest" way, and kill them all. After you kill them all, 1 (or 2, on higher difficulties) Kleer skeletons will appear in front of the door and come charging at you. After you kill it/them, go through the door to finish the level.

Enemy, item and weapon countEdit

EnemiesTourist singleplayer Easy and Normal singleplayerHard and Mental singleplayerSerious Difficulty singleplayerTourist co-op Easy and Normal co-opHard and Mental co-opSerious co-op
Beheaded Rocketeers2730313127303131
Beheaded Bombers11111111
Beheaded Firecrackers11111111
Male Gnaars55655565
Female Gnaars55525552
Kleer Skeletons11151115
Scythian Witch-Harpies1010101010101010
Major Bio-mechanoids44444444
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Health1
Small Health3
Medium Health2
Large Health1
Super Health2
Extra Small Armor15
Medium Armor3
Large Armor1
WeaponsAll difficulties
Schofield .45s3
12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotguns2
Double Barrel Coach Guns1
XPML21 Rocket Launchers1
AmmunitionAll difficulties
Shell boxes6


  1. From your starting position, turn right and go towards the hallway. Once you reach it, look right, next to the pillars, there's a second Schofield .45.
  2. From your starting position, go up the ramp. Then turn right, and jump on the ledge, and walk to the end of the wall, and jump over to the other roof. There's a secret rocket launcher there.
  3. Opposite of #2, there's some secret rockets on the other side.
  4. From the top of the ramp, turn right and go straight until you reach the wall. Then, turn left, and go straight forward, until you reach the wall, again. Then, turn left, and reach the other wall. You'll see part of it is differently colored. Touch it to reveal a secret Double Barrel Coach Gun. If you pick it up, a monster will spawn (Gnaar, or Kleer skeleton on higher difficulties.)
  5. From your starting position, turn around and go down the ramp. When you walk down the ramp, turn right, you'll see a door in the hallway next to the ramp. Touch it, to release the "Croteam fans". At the very bottom of the room where the Croteam fans are, there are some rockets.
  6. Opposite of #5, but you'll need to shoot that door with the rocket launcher, to release "Croteam". There's some armor and Rockets down the room. The secret #2 is the key to this one.
  7. From #5 and #6, if you look closely towards the desert, you'll see a tree. Run to it, but when you cross the end of the ramp connected to Hatshepsut, 4 Major Bio-mechanoids will spawn. After you take care of them, go to the tree. There's a secret Super Health, armor and shells there. If you attack the tree with the Military Knife or shoot a rocket at it, several Scythian Witch-Harpies will spawn.


  • When you have at least 10 rockets, jump onto the ledge just before secret #3 (left edge of the temple before the rockets). Walk towards the back of the temple until you reach a wall. Circle jump around the wall for an empty platform. At the back of this platform should be some discoloured floor - hit it with 10 rockets and it will break open into an empty pit. In Revolution, opening the pit unlocks the "There used to be an alligator pit here" achievement.