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The Citadel is the tenth level of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter. It is the first level set in the Medieval era.


Sam has arrived in the year 1138 AD. Being very close to his ultimate goal, the Holy Grail, Sam must first acquire the Book of Wisdom, an ancient artifact that originates from a clan known as the Arc-Al-Magi, a guild of dangerous and powerful wizards. In order to get this book, Sam must fight his way through a stormy night at Krwawitze, one of the medieval towns in Poland, East Europe.


  1. In the starting area, the third house on the left has a squeaking, moving door. Shoot it or slash it with the knife to destroy it to get a Double Barrel Coach Gun.
  2. After the Kill-O-Matic, you will notice a small opening to the wall before the bridge where the sniper rifle is. Crouch and press the use button to activate a switch, spawn a Common Aludran Reptiloid and have it punched and gibbed by a boxing glove.
  3. In the middle of the bridge, jump on the platform on the left side, around the pillar, to collect a secret Medium Health. Use the bouncer pad to get back to the bridge.
  4. As you enter a big yard after the bridge, head right behind a house to collect some secret health.
  5. Opposite of #4, the house on the top right corner has secret sniper bullets behind it.
  6. In the graveyard, approach the graves. You may open them if you wish to see some Croteam Bigheads.
  7. (HD-only) Left of the small temple in the graveyard, behind it, there is an Extra Small Health. Pick it up to be teleported into a secret room, but be prepared to face a Cucurbito behind you in it. Go towards the room's door to be teleported back.
  8. In the courtyard with the rocket launcher, there is a dead tree. Pick up all napalm and rocket ammo around it, kill all enemies and then move away for it to turn into a "suicidal jumping plant" (Marsh Hopper). Note that if this tree is destroyed, the secret won't register.
  9. After the yard with the Sirian Werebulls, Cucurbitos, Kleers and Marsh Hoppers, there is a barrel in the right corner close to the exit. Destroy it to reveal an Invulnerability power-up.
  10. From your location at secret #9, head right behind the houses to discover a Kleer, a secret phone booth and some rockets.
  11. In the clock gears room, as you enter it, dive into the small water pool, turn right and continue through the dark hallway to find a Super Health.
  12. In the courtyard following secret #11, as you enter it, the house on the left contains the "midnight secret" items. The midnight secret is enabled when 15 minutes in the level have passed, and is disabled 60 seconds later. If you miss it, you can either shoot 10 rockets at the door or simply touch it and it will open. Collect the power-ups and the minigun there to register the secret.
  13. Before you exit the same courtyard as #12, turn right and go behind the houses. Prepare to kill a Kleer and find a secret Large Armor.
  14. As you enter the next yard following the courtyard from secrets #12 and #13, turn left and go behind the house to collect some sniper bullets.
  15. Diagonally opposite of #14, there is some armor behind the house on the top right corner of the courtyard.
  16. In the water cave, look for a secret Large Health in the lake.
  17. In the last yard, there is a barrel in one of the corners. Blast it to reveal a secret armor.


  • In the courtyard after secret #8, behind a house on the bottom left corner of it is a teleport that teleports you in the middle of the yard.
  • You can destroy the traps in the second Kill-O-Matic with a rocket, and the pillars themselves with 2 rockets.