The Dark Bride is the eighth level in Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Plot Edit

After activating the plasma generator, Sam must now face a powerful enemy before he can continue to next objective to activate the second generator in Luxor.


  1. As soon as you get outside, climb up the stairs and run behind the temple you came out of. Collect the armor.
  2. There's a place you can't get to at the pond area with some columns in front of it. Go to the right hand side. Jump around onto the window, and duck to get through. (Alternate path: Go to the left hand side onto some stairs. Sprint them up and jump for the window there. The secret on the right side still needs to be triggered though.) There's a "Secret Hall of Developers" with the Croteam Bigheads and some Super Health.
  3. There are two portables behind a lockup. The portable on the right has a destructible door. Destroy the door to pickup some Electricity.
  4. To the right of the exit gate for this area, there's a shed with a health pickup in it. If you climb onto the boxes beside it, you can pick up the secret keys. They're used after the second locked door, where you're facing another door — "No Entry" — walk through it and collect the armor. Reward: Armor +100. Messages: "Secret keys found!"; "Secret found!"
  5. You need the key from secret 4. At the end of the path is a door you can now walk through and collect the minigun bullets.
  6. When you get to the portable where you pick up the keys there's a Scrapjack on the far wall. To his left (your right)(indoors) is a wall with a slightly darker texture. This wall can be destroyed. Reward: Rockets +15. Message: "Secret Found!"
  7. There's a portable in this area with a health pickup on it. Jump on some rubble then jump towards it to pick it up.
  8. On the right side of the entrance is some ammo. Reward: Cannonballs +4. Message: "Secret found!"
  9. On the left side of the entrance, behind a tumbled stone, is some armor. Reward: Armor +10. Message: "Secret found!"
  10. On the left side of the exit is some ammo. Reward: Devastator Shells +20. Message: "Secret found!"

=Enemy, item and weapon countEdit

EnemiesTourist, Easy and Normal singleplayerHard and Mental singleplayerSerious Difficulty singleplayerTourist, Easy and Normal Co-opHard and Mental Co-OpSerious Co-Op
Beheaded Rocketeers501507507501507507
Beheaded Kamikazes424242828282
Kleer Skeletons249249249269269269
Cloned Shotgunners272727272727
Cloned Riflemen285757606060
Sirian Werebulls202020252525
Cave Demons404040404040
Hatchling Arachnoids011011
Witch-Bride of Achrimans222222
Hatchling Antaresian Spiders212121212121
Juvenile Antaresian Spiders555555
Minor Bio-mechanoids101010101010
Major Bio-mechanoids444131313
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Health91
Small Health17
Medium Health8
Large Health10
Super Health4
Extra Small Armor36
Small Armor17
Medium Armor15
Large Armor5
Extra Large Armor1
Ammo Crates (C-4)2
WeaponsAll difficulties
M29 Infantry Assault Rifles1
C-4 Demolition Charges16
AmmunitionAll difficulties
Shell boxes59
Assault rifle bullet boxes35
Devastator Shells4
Minigun bullet boxes32