The Grand Cathedral

A View of the Grand Cathedral from the inside garden.

The Grand Cathedral is a very important place for the plot of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, this is the final destination for go away from the Earth for Serious Sam.

Role in the PlotEdit

Serious Sam  after crush the SSS Centerprice in Sierra de las Chapias discover that the Sirians have left a Backup Rocket in The Grand Cathedral, but this happens in another historical period, the mediaval Europe, but the Sirians have left for every great civilizations a Time-Lock , so Sam need to go trought two Time-Locks to reach the historical period of the Cathedral, at the Citadel , Sam discover that for activate the Backup rocket of the Cathedral, he need's to take and use the Holy Grail, the Grail is located at the ice castle , But Mental stole it and take it temporaly at the Grand Cathedral, here sam after cross the Corridor of the Death ( a castle near the Cathedral) and defeat the Mental's Horde  outside the cathedral reach the inner garden, here Sam Defeats Mordekai the Summoner , and reach the Holy Grail, here after call mental for threat him take the backup rocket to go to Sirius , for finally kill Mental...

Serious Sam HD Second Encounter Cathedral

The Cathedral in Serious Sam The Second Encounter HD.


The Grand Cathedral is a Gothic style european Cathedral, the most reconizable's things are the two tall towers that domine the facade, the cathedral have some walls and wathctowers, that make the cathedral more similar to a castle than a church, the design is not very inspired, it seems like a mix of some European Gothic Cathedrals, but for the design of the towers and the style of the facade seems similar at the Tours Cathedral in France and the Quito Cathedral in Ecuador.

Trivia Edit

  1. The real position of the Grand Cathedral is unknown, Sam claims that is somewhere in eastern Europe, possibly in Poland, but there isn't a of this aspect there, the only Cathedrals that are similar are the Tours Cathedral and the Quito Cathedral, which are located respectively in France and Ecuador.
  2. Another bizzarre thing is that in the Corridor of the Death there's some Finland Flags, which complicates finding the position of the Cathedral.
  3. The interior of the Cathedral is too small than the exterior apparence.
  4. A very bizzarre thing is that the Grand Cathedral is located in the middle of nowere, the only near building is the Corridor of the death, this is weird because a cathedral usually take place in a big city.

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