The Grand Cathedral (building)
The Grand Cathedral

Somewhere in eastern Europe


Serves as the building where the backup Sirian spaceship is stored.


Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam HD

The Grand Cathedral, or The Cathedral of Sacred Blood, is a building that serves as an important location in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD.

Role in the plotEdit

After crashing the SSS Centerprice in Sierra de Chiapas, Sam Stone discovers that the Sirians have left a backup ship in The Grand Cathedral, in case the original ship was destroyed (which it was), but this happens to be in another historical period; medieval Europe.

Despite this, the Sirians left a Time-Lock with every great civilization, so Sam needs to go through two Time-Locks to reach the historical period where the cathedral is at. In the Citadel, Sam discovers that to activate the backup rocket in the cathedral, he needs to obtain the Holy Grail. the Grail is located at the Ice Castle, but Mental stole it and took it to the Grand Cathedral.

Here, Sam made it through Corridor of Death (a castle near the cathedral) and defeats Mental's Horde outside the cathedral, where he reaches the inner garden, and here Sam defeats Mordekai the Summoner. After a tough fight, Sam finally gets hold of the Holy Grail, and after that, a phone rings. Sam answers it, mocks Mental and tells him he is "sorry" for killing his army. After a brief chit-chat, Sam threatens Mental, saying that he is going to get him. Finally, Sam activates the backup rocket, and leaves for Sirius to kill Mental and finish him once and for all.

Serious Sam HD Second Encounter Cathedral

The Cathedral in Serious Sam The Second Encounter HD.


The Grand Cathedral is a Gothic-style European cathedral. The most recognizable features are the two tall towers that stand out from the rest of the exterior. The cathedral also has some walls and watchtowers, that makes the cathedral appear to be more similar to a castle than a church, and, as the design is not very inspired, it seems like a mix of some European Gothic cathedrals, but for the design of the towers and the style of the facade, it looks similar to the Tours Cathedral in France and the Quito Cathedral in Ecuador. The Bristol Cathedral is also quite similar, but more smaller.

Trivia Edit

  1. The real position of the Grand Cathedral is unknown, NETRISCA claims that it is somewhere in eastern Europe, possibly in Poland, but there isn't a chance of it being there.
  2. Another bizarre thing is that in the Corridor of Death, there are some Finnish flags, which makes it harder to find the position of the cathedral.
  3. The interior of the cathedral is too small compared to the exterior.
  4. For some odd reason, the Grand Cathedral is located in the middle of nowhere, and the nearest building is the Corridor of Death. Most cathedrals are usually found in big towns or cities.