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Sam Stone[src]

The Guardian of Time is the twelfth and final level of Serious Sam 3: BFE.


During the journey to the Time-Lock, Sam’s car has run out of gas and the sudden appearance of a Sandwhale forces him to abandon the car and run. Sam now has to fight his way against Mental's Horde who try to stop him from reaching his destination. After Stone has finally reached the hills leading to the Time-Lock, all he needs to do is wipe out Mental's final defense and activate the Time-Lock to start his mission.


  1. Near the Kamikaze fight — instead of going left following the path, go straight — right, you will arrive at dead end, look up. You will see a box in the rocks, destroy the box with a rocket and to get some Devastator shells.
  2. In the large area with some ruins — on the left close to the sand border next to an arch, on the side closest to the sand is some electricity.
  3. In the large area with some ruins — enter the central temple in this area, look up at the hole in the ceiling and shoot down the box to get a clip of sniper bullets.
  4. Near the Sirian Werebull fight — at the double-rock archway after the first clearing there are a bunch of boxes and ammo and a rocket crate. Beneath one of the destructible crates is some Devastator shells.

Enemy, item and weapon countEdit

  • The vast majority of Technopolips, Bio-mechanoids and Khnums spawn gradually during the final boss battle, and they don't count towards a kill count.
  • In the final battle, Super Health and cannonball pickups will periodically respawn in certain spots, indefinitely.
Beheaded Rocketeers527527
Beheaded Kamikazes215215
Kleer skeletons510510
Sirian Werebulls8892
Witch-Bride of Achrimans55
Juvenile Antaresian Spiders222222
Minor Bio-mechanoids*100100
Major Bio-mechanoids*134140
Ugh-Zan IV11
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Health15
Small Health15
Medium Health17
Large Health11
Super Health9
Extra Small Armor3
Small Armor3
Medium Armor15
Large Armor5
Extra Large Armor8
Extra Large Armor1
Ammo Crates (C-4)5
Ammo Crates (rockets)9
WeaponsAll difficulties
C-4 Demolition Charges14
AmmunitionAll difficulties
Shell boxes49
Shell clip magazines3
Assault rifle bullet boxes25
Minigun bullet boxes20
Devastator shellss32
Sniper rifle bullet clips1


  • If the player stands on top of Sam's car and waits for the Sandwhale to go back into the sand and then gets off the car, they will be instantly devoured by the Sandwhale.