"See you in 3000 BC bitch, I'm headin' for the Time-Lock!"
Sam threatens Mental.[src]

The Last Man on Earth is the eleventh level of Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Sam Stone now continues his journey to make contact with headquarters. During the journey, he comes across a dead EDF soldier and uses his communicating transmitter. According to Hellfire, he discovers that Mental has launched a surprise attack on their base and wiped them out, including the Charlie Team that was meant to extract Sam and head to the Time-Lock.

Hellfire says if anyone survives, they will find him. However, this is cut short as a female Gnaar kills Hellfire off-screen. Sam Stone is now the last man on Earth, so he starts Charlie Team's mission on entering the Time-Lock to kill Mental and must journey there on his own.


  1. At the boulder — when the boulder crashes down the tunnel ramp, on the left in a small hole behind where the boulder was to find some minigun bullets.
  2. Outside the crypt — once you get outside where you find the dead soldier, after the cutscene, go to left, in the corner there is an armor behind the portable.
  3. Before you walk through one of the two open gate doors — in front of the second open gated door is a hollow small stone tower. You can jump into it from the broken wall that's right next to it if it wasn't destroyed during the fight, where you can find a lasergun.
  4. Right next to the portable where you pick up the Ramesseum exit key is a small building. Inside that building, walk up to the wall and look up through the hole. Shoot the box to get a sniper rifle.
  5. When you walk through the gates into the final area of the map, the city, you'll see a road just a few meters ahead of you. Follow that road to the right and through the opening in wall. Continue a few meters outside and on the first elevation in the sand, turn left to find 7 C-4 charges.
  6. In the near-left city — outside the wall on the left is some armor.
  7. In the near-right city — there's a two-story red building in this area. On a balcony is a clip. Climb up the wall, then jump up to grab a clip of sniper bullets.
  8. In the near-right city — there's a two-story red building in this area. Tucked against the wall surrounding it is some health (i.e. right under secret #7).
  9. Mid-right part of the city is a walled off area (made of wavy zinc sheets) with some boxes stacked against it. Climb over to get some electricity.
  10. In the far-left city —a building on the last row has some electricity on top of it. Jump on one of the two crates (unless destroyed) and then up.
    • Note that if the crates are destroyed, get the Werebull to chase you over to the building and allow him to hit you so you might get thrown onto the building where the ammo is.
  11. In the far-left city — There's a ruined wall with some palm trees around it in the desert, with some minigun bullets tucked behind the wall.

Known ways to break out of the map Edit

  • On the near-left side of the city is a ruined wall just before a barrier into the desert. You can climb up onto the wall, take a running leap to the ruined barrier, and get up onto the wall. Unfortunately invisible walls prevent too much travel.

Enemy, item and weapon countEdit

EnemiesTourist, Easy and Normal singleplayerHard, Serious and Mental singleplayerTourist, Easy and Normal Co-opHard, Serious and Mental Co-Op
Beheaded Rocketeers24242424
Beheaded Kamikazes32323232
Kleer Skeletons116118116118
Cloned Shotgunners11111111
Cloned Riflemens45454545
Sirian Werebulls|3737
Hatchling Arachnoids42424242
Witch-Bride of Achrimans6666
Hatchling Antaresian Spiders16161616
Juvenile Antaresian Spiders9999
Aurigan Cave Demons19191919
ItemsAll difficulties
Extra Small Health45
Small Health19
Medium Health30
Large Health1
Super Health3
Extra Small Armor30
Small Armor18
Medium Armor26
Large Armor4
Extra Large Armor1
WeaponsAll difficulties
RAPTOR Sniper Rifles1
XL2 Laserguns1
C-4 charges10
AmmunitionAll difficulties
Shell Boxes50
Assault Rifle bullet boxes23
Assault Rifle clip magazines6
Minigun bullet boxes8
Devastator Shells8
Sniper Rifle Bullets1