The Pit is the fifth level in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.


After crossing through the Serpent Yards, Sam must travel through an underground shortcut filled with traps to reach the Sun Pyramid, where he will find the Time-Lock.


  1. After leaving the first room, proceed to the end of the corridor. Behind the fourth pillar on the right side, there is a dark hallway with a Heart at the end. Note: Picking it up will spawn 2 Zumb'uls in the corridor.
  2. At the end of the first corridor following the room that you bounce off walls and slide along the floor, there is a teleport in the lamp on the left. You will be teleported above an arch. Jump on the platforms sticking out on the left and right walls to reach a +200 armor.
  3. At the end of the first bridge, after secret #2, on the right side is another teleport which you can use to collect some cannonballs. Use the teleport again to be teleported back to the bridge.
  4. Before proceeding on to the staircase after #3, go to the opposite way to find a +50 health, along with a Kleer Skeleton.
  5. At the 7th window at the staircase, you will hear some whispering noises. Look at the window and spot a small Fiendian Reptiloid Demon standing on it. Kill it to get a health pack.
  6. At the end of the staircase, destroy 2 lamps on a ledge sticking outside of the room. This will spawn "annoying Pinky's lost brothers".
  7. Go to the other ledge and jump on the teleport in the right lamp. You will be teleported above a +200 armor, jump to the it to collect it.
  8. (HD-only)In the room with a bouncer in the middle, you will notice a Heart behind a wall. On the left of the wall with the Heart, there is a switch you can pull. Use it to activate a platform and jump on the platform once it has stopped moving, then crouch. Once you are behind that wall, go to one of the platform's corners and prepare to deal with a few Marsh Hoppers. After that, it will continue moving, and you can collect the Heart. Use the switch in the room with the Heart to make the platform move out again, jump off it and then it will move back.
  9. At the corridor after the room with an Aztec head statue, destroy all the lamps in it to spawn some cannonballs.
  10. Before entering the small room with the Heart, +200 ammo and Serious Pack, turn right and move towards a lamp. Jump on the lamp to be teleported to the "Rocket-festival gear".
  11. From #10, jump off the structure and collect a nearby Hear to commence a "Rocket Festival" (spawn 6 Major Biomechs.


  • The area before secret #8 used to have custom gravity in the Classic version of the game, while in the HD version it has a stone tube-like construct that is spinning over the room.
  • The room from secret #8 did not exist in the classic version.

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