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The Power of the Underworld is the ninth level of the Serious Sam 3: BFE campaign.


The Time-Lock requires two Sirian plasma generators to be activated. With the generator below the Temple of Horus online, Sam Stone now needs to make his way into its sister generator beneath the Temple of Anubis.


  1. Near the entrance — around the right of the entrance is a little blocked-off area covered in sand. In the far corner on the right is a secret Medium Health.
  2. On top of a crypt — one of the little pyramid-topped crypts has a health pickup on top (near the second of the locked gates on the left). If you face the entrance to the pyramid shaped crypt, there will be a broken wall directly behind you (note, the wall pictured here is actually from the wall to the left of the crypt, but they are identical and you can scale both walls with the positioning pictured here). If you walk straight up to the wall as shown in this screenshot, you can jump 4 times to make it to the top of the wall. From there, you can do a running jump to jump to reach the the lower middle ledge of the crypt. Then jump up to grab the Super Health. Note that in Serious Sam Fusion, the Super Health has been moved to the top of the temple next to the crypt. To get on top of the temple, scale up the wall behind it and sprint-jump across.
  3. In the area with many columns under the level (you can go there by tunnel, or just jumping down) there is a temple with one of the Sirian keys, jump onto the ledge behind the statue to find a Small Armor.
  4. Right before the room with the C-4 box and the hole in the ground where you drop down to the throne room. To the left of the entrance to that room is a pit. Drop down, turn around and crouch through the rubble to find some electricity.
  5. The throne room — on the arms of the big throne there are some rockets. Go behind the throne and up two levels, jump onto the headrest, then down to gather the ammo (from only one level up with a sprint jump this is also possible).
  6. Outside the crypt — once you get outside in the area with a bunch of columns and ammo you can see a Large Armor on top of a pillar. Blow the pillar up to get the armor.
  7. Before the final fight — before you drop down to the final open area, you climb up some wooden stairs. If you walk along the ledge around the left there are some keys. Pick them up and straight ahead you should see a flashing green pickup on top of a big building. Head back to that point, go through the door, up the ladder, and get the weapon. Reward: Sniper rifle.
    • An alternate path (without the key for the gate) is to jump onto the small sphinx statue, and then sprint jump over the fence.
  8. At the final fight — just left around the corner of the entrance is some Devastator shells.
  9. Again at the final fight — at the far left corner of the area just before the desert is a Medium Health pickup under four spread out palm trees.

Related achievementsEdit

Mission completed Mission completed
Power up the Timelock.