The Temple of Herkat - Upper is the first level in Serious Sam Advance.

Tactical Data (In-Game N.E.T.R.I.C.S.A)Edit

Known for it's bloody sacrifices, this temple was once the focal point a perverse ancient Egyptian cult. The eating of living hearts was believed to give the priests eternal life.

Strategic Data (In-Game N.E.T.R.I.C.S.A)Edit

The Upper Temple is usually pretty quiet around this time so you should meet little resistance. Pick up the Pistol quickly and be prepared for anything Mental may throw at you. You should manage fine with this peice but there's a hidden extra if you feel you need it. Complete the level in under 2 minutes for added glory.


This is the start of the game, so all you have is your Chainsaw. Take a quick left and find a hidden Medium Armor. Within seconds you pick up your Pistol which


Secret Double-Barrel Shotgun found behind a wall.

you then fire at four Beheaded Kamikazes. As you make your way up, you enter a small hexagonal room. Grab the Large Armor and the Large Health, then, meet up with your first Methug Soldier. Kill him and turn around to the end of the hexagonal room and run up to the wall. A secret Double-Barrel Shotgun will reveal itself behind the wall (as seen in photo) as the secret mentioned in the "Strategic Data" section of NETRICSA Advance v3.00. Don't use the Shotgun just yet, you'll need it later. You will then walk outside and run into two Kamikazes and two Methug Soliders. Kill them and grab the Medium Health at the top middle of that area. Walk into the next area to the right and pick up the Large Health if you feel you need it. Go down the small room and be ready to kill the incoming Kamikaze. Then, turn and meet up with another Methug Soldier. Kill him and enter the bathing room, where you will find two more Methug Soldiers. Once you kill them, pick up the Medium Health and Medium Armor found in the corner and top middle of that room. Once you walk into the next big area, a giant mob of Kamikazes will head your way. You can kill them easily with your pistol as a group explosion. Two Sirian Werebulls will spawn shortly after you kill the group of Kamikazes in the top left corner of the room. Pull out your Shotgun at last and fire two shots at each of them, making a quick getaway. Make sure you run around the room while killing them, as they can push you into walls making you unable to walk properly momentarily. If you get hurt, try and pick up the Large Health in the bottom left corner. When you've rid of the Werebulls, head down the small narrow room to pick up the first relic of the game. You should recieve additional points for your Shotgun ammunition. A message appears "You are da man Sam!!" and the screen fades to black signifying the end of the level .

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